HTC Only Sticks Its Chin Out For Android


If you overhear a conversation about phones and hear the word “chin”, chances are an HTC Android phone is the topic of discussion. The first generation T-Mobile G1 didn’t fare so well in that department, getting slandered and skewered for its Leno-like feature. But by the time the HTC Hero was launched the signature characteristic seemed to gain favor – and that favor will remain ONLY evident on Android Phones.

leno-chinThe distinguishing comment came from HTC’s design firm themselves and published in Forbes (via MobileCrunch):

Its Windows Mobile devices come in dark, glossy finishes to appeal to a professional audience, while its Android phones often sport a playful “chin” or angled base. Those characteristics will stay separate, says Zellweger, meaning no chins for HTC Windows Mobile phones. (HTC’s newer Android phones like Sprint’s version of the Hero and the Tattoo have shed the chin as well, but Zellweger says the distinctive feature may return in future devices.)

This doesn’t mean that EVERY HTC Andriod Phone will have the chin, afterall look at the Sprint HTC Hero. But it DOES mean that you won’t be seeing Windows Mobile phones walking around HTC headquarters with their chins all stickin’ out. That is reserved for Android it seems.

Should make identifying leaked HTC devices as Android Phones a bit easier, eh?

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  1. That “chin” is useless and ugly, and less comfortable in the pocket.
    Just get rid of it already!

  2. I liked the chin on the G1 because if I was listening to music or a podcast through the phone’s external speaker, it sounded louder when the speaker was facing up. The chin helped the G1’s touch screen from not touching the desk. (ie less likely to get scratched)

  3. You’re Crazy, the chin looks sexy. and specially, andriod phones will overtake apple’s web os.

  4. I disagree, I don’t think it’s ugly or useless. It looks fine, it’s unique, and it protects the trackball. I have a MyTouch 3g with an albeit smaller chin and I have no problems with it in my pocket.

  5. Obviously Nathan hasn’t used the Hero. It’s so easy criticising a product even before seeing one in your hands.

    I myself find it much more comfortable than a flat phone for pressing the buttons, and no, it doesn’t hurt in my pocket either.

    I also know a guy that owns a Magic, and has the same feeling about it.

  6. The chin is so much more distinctive and fun, in my opinion. If only HTC would bring the chinned Hero to the states! The Sprint Hero looks so boring, and I think in order for Android to stand out, it needs to do just that! The Sprint Hero looks like a cheap knock-off smart phone.

  7. the best part of the “chin” is that you can always put your phone down on a surface and not worry about the screen scratching.

  8. I think that freaking chin looks good. I was hoping T-mobile would carry the Hero with the chin, but I guess there is no harm in hoping.

  9. If only Phandroid had a ongoing poll on the htc chin… Personaly I do not mind the mini-chin my magic has but if i had to choose i’d cut it off.

  10. Wonder if this means HTC looks at Android as a less professional platform, or a platform aimed at a younger/less mature target group?

  11. Thank God. The chin was hideous. I’ll actually consider buying one now that it’s gone.

  12. @John: Or maybe just a Not-A-Businessman target group?

    I’m unsure about the glossy finish though. I have nothing against the chin, I even like it. But the glossy finish from the WinMo phones REALLY appeals to me, and I’m really not a business guy ;) Maybe they should reconsider… ah whatever.

  13. Love the pic of Leno, love live the chin!

  14. i would’ve probably bought a htc already if it wasn’t for the butt-ugly chin.

  15. @John: I dont think they intended to call Android a less professional platform. Its just that WinMO is more established as a business platform. As far as their decision to keep the distinguishing traits seperate, the chin, sure but the dark, glossy finishes I think should be shared. Its very appealing and not just to professionals.

  16. It’s protecting the screen from scratches and improves usability.

    Also I don’t carry around a device like this in my pocket, it wil only damage my pants and the phone.

    I’ve been using a clipon-case thingy for my Nokia E65 for two years and the thing looks like it’s brand new, unlike all my phones before that which were scratched and filled with dust.

  17. I finally was able to play with a Hero today at the phone company. It blew me away! Not much doubt now that some Android phone will be my next new one.

    Regarding the chin, I didn’t like it in the pictures I had seen of the Hero, but having actually held and used one, it is fine. I do like the feeling that it will help protect both the screen and trackball.

    BTW, does anyone know the hardware that is used in the trackball? I’d be curious to how it will stand up over time. If I’m investing that much in a phone, I kinds want to know it will last.

  18. Hi everyone,

    next month i can choose a new Phone from t-mobile.

    i could get an iphone, but i’d rather have an androis phone. the question is: getting a Hero or waiting for the SonyEricsson X3 which should arrive early next year?
    Only the hardware specs of the Hero and the resulting lagginess make me hesitate.

    Any opinions?

  19. Chinned or chinless discussion here in the US is pointless since we can’t have the lovely device on TMO. I would be a TMO customer again tomorrow if I could get the HERO on TMO. As it is, I’m still shackled to ATT’s darkside.

  20. The chin works. Deal with it.

    If you want a skinny device, so be it, but I use the chin, and as a design feature it just works.

    Now, get off the chin and beg the Android community to fix the known issues. k?

  21. I never really noticed the chin before reading this, but after this post i realize I love the chin. It doenst feel uncomfortable in pocket or hand. Like other said it protects the trackball and screen when face down. I think those who are on here bashing it have never owned one. I also think, and this is just my thought, that they are overly picky, self absorbed trend followers who would benifit greatly from an iphone.

  22. getting off topic just a bit… i was checking out the specs for sprint’s htc hero and i noticed everywhere i looked, it said it’s going to have the 1.5 cupcake os… from what i know, android doesnt support cdma and that’s exactly what verzion and SPRINT uses for their fones but the cdma support will be included in the 1.6 donut so im hoping it’s gona be a surprise or a last min change and we all end up with donut on oct 11 =]

  23. You guise need to stop hating on the Chinese right nao!

  24. Chin detractors cite the ugliness, uncomfort in the pocket and other issues while the supporters conclude that they are iphone followers or have never owned a chinned droid… meh. All silly arguments, comes down to if someone likes the chin or not. I had a G1 for a short period of time and didn’t like the chin at all. I never put my phone (chin or not) face down, so that’s a non issue – but I will be getting a Hero on the 11th! It’s slick and small (saw one at a Sprint store, but can’t say much more without risking the person’s job). We’re all android here, I like the change in appearance actually that HTC gave the hero, it’s a refreshing change from the standard “look” of their other droid efforts.


    PS. Where was the outcry for the Magic’s chinless body?

  25. @Kenny
    Could you at least say if the metal trim was gold or silver?

  26. Silver! ^_^

  27. Very pretty device, he held it up, as he wouldn’t let me hold it.

  28. Thanks! but damn… gold looked hot.

  29. Really? I think the gold was cheesy, glad it’s not on the final item.

  30. It made it look warm amidst the dark backdrop.
    Silver just seems utilitarian. However, it’s contemporary..
    I’m hoping they release with both choices, or perhaps the case color itself. I don’t think it would take very well to guilding ;)

  31. Htc, please get rid of the ugly chin on all Android phones.

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