Digg, Telenav, Mint Android Applications Coming Pre-Loaded On CLIQ?


It looks like Motorola may have been hiding a lot of the Motorola CLIQ goodness from us but after some snooping I found they slipped some stuff right under our nose! Take a look at this CLIQ Applications page on!



According to this page, all the apps listed here come “Pre-loaded and ready to use” – and there are a LOT of interesting inclusions in the mix:

  • DIGG – An Official Digg Android Application? That would be pretty awesome indeed!
  • Telenav Navigator is a Turn-By-Turn Navigation application that is currently available for purchase on Android Market. If it comes pre-loaded on the CLIQ and “ready to use” I can only imagine it is T-Mobile’s answer to the likes of VZNavigator and Sprint Navigation, the latter of which is powered by Telenav!
  • Mint – this desktop software helps you keep track of your finances much like All of my Googling led me to enthusiastic Mint users who were distraught there was no Android support… there soon will be! Mint started polling their forum visitors in February about which platform they’d like to see an app for. The poll still isn’t closed and it got a vote as recent as last week… but guess who is winning 7 months later? Android.
  • Yahoo Mail – I just thought it was interesting they included this as the only “communications” app that is pre-loaded. Is this custom built by Yahoo as an Official Android App with a bunch of additional built-in features? If so that would be pretty cool and funny/ironic at the same time.

The other interesting thing I found was the addition of 6 “Lifestyle” Apps:

  • AskMen
  • Gawker
  • Gizmodo
  • IGN
  • Life Hacker
  • Rotten Tomatoes

I’m AMAZED this news hasn’t been reported elsewhere yet… unless Motorola is building applications FOR these companies you would think Gizmodo would know they have their own Official Android Application launching pre-loaded on the Motorola CLIQ and say something about it? Do they not know? Were they waiting for launch day? Their sister sites Gawker and LifeHacker make that list as well (provoking the heart nick denton).

By the way, if you look at the corresponding page for the Motorola DEXT you’ll find much of the applications overlap but there are some significant differences. For one, Digg, Telenav and Mint aren’t included and there are some additions and swaps for news souces, lifestyle blogs and such.

And also 1 + 1 =2

UPDATE: Check out the first comment on this post. We looked it up and he wasn’t lying… comment 32 on the Live Blog he asks about Telenav inclusion. Looks like we need to keep our eyes close to the comments – you folks are sharp :)

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  1. Wow I definitely mentioned this during the live blog…

  2. gizmodo does have an app already …not sure if its by them or not but it also includes a widget…been running it for a month now

  3. Somehow I have a feeling Motorola’s idea of a “Pre-Loaded App” is to put a bookmark to a web page on the home screen. I have a hard time believing they managed to built all of these applications and keep them all a complete secret.

  4. I agree with Jeff. If there were an official Digg Android app it would have been leaked by now, or at least rumored.

  5. Notice that Digg is listed under the MotoBlur services tab. It’s probably not an app, just another form of integration into the MotoBlur UI like we’ve seen with Twitter and Facebook. I’d wager a couple other things on that list aren’t full native apps because having so many preloaded ones wouldn’t leave much space for stuff users want to download on their own.

  6. The Digg app is under the MotoBlur tab. So that would lead me to believe that is one of linking services, i.e. you are always logged into it so you can submit, digg, bury, message, comment, receive notification when you get replies, etc. much like the MotoBlur services of Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

  7. Is that the same “mint” application? Its listed under news and weather. If mint is a finance application, wouldn’t it belong under “personal productivity” with the other finance app that’s listed?

  8. gmail is listed under “Google Services” so Yahoo mail is not the only communications service. It is just the only none Google one.

  9. Is Quickoffice might be new to Android too? While I can find info on their site there is nothing on the home page referencing Android. Quickoffice is a scaled down mobile (non-Microsoft) version of Office that can use doc and xls files. This is one of those applications that I would pick up immediately…as soon a Verizon get’s an Android phone anyway.

  10. The inclusion of Quicoffice and ExchangeSync is the best, it this phone only had 3.5 inch screen i would have instantly bought it

  11. why is no one else excited about the calculator?!

  12. Just a few things….

    Telenav will most likely be just like the pap on the Android Market. It’s been included on many non-Android phones on the T-Mobile network. Users sign up for the 30 day free trial and then are subject to the $10 monthly charge.

    Quickoffice has alreayd been included on the HTC Hero, so this is not the first time we are seeing this App on an Android phone.

  13. Maj, you’re kidding, right? 3.1″ is a deal breaker?

  14. Not to rain on the parade, but that Motorola applications page has a disclaimer at the bottom saying, “Some listed applications may be trial versions.” While none of the apps has the * next to them to signify the disclaimer, I’m betting apps like Telenav will be trial only then become subscription based, like Nick wrote in post #12, or require the user to purchase the full version.

  15. I guess that Motorola might be paying the developers of non-free apps a percentage of the download price and add it in to the price of the phone. That is good for:

    (a) Motorola to add to the lure of the phone, (b) it is good for the user to get all these apps,
    (c) it is good for the developer to advertise their app and to have thousands/millions of sales of their app they might not normally get.

  16. Maybe they took it down to add something really really big:

    Motorola paid Nero to write it for them for the CLIQ … It performs the same basic functions as iTunes but much better.

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