Wallet Android MID By eviGroup in France


We can’t be exactly sure about the details surrounding the latest Android device to get an up-and-coming status, the eviGroup Wallet MID, because everything we’ve found on the announcement has been based in French. Including the following video:

From what we can see the device looks pretty sweet and sitting directly next to the Apple iPhone for comparison it looks absolutely beautiful. Not many demos were done that would test the speed and connectivity of the device but it is undoubtedly running Android and at least on the surface looks pretty smooth. Just found a full transcript of the video at

As for the Wallet Android MID specs:

  • 5-inch touchscreen
  • 800 x 480 resolution
  • CPU Samsung 6410 ARM 11to  533/667MHZ
  • Android (version ?)
  • Digital Camera
  • 8GB internal memory
  • MiniSD
  • 2 USB ports
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • 3G

Two pics for your perousal:



The Wallet demonstrated above is only a prototype but it is rumored to be launching in early 2010. However the release date could have fallen victim to the translation gap. Either way, I’m sure plenty of non-Europeans are jealous as it will be hitting this region first.

[Via AndroidFrance, thanks Cyril!]

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  1. And on the same site that you mention, it is found that it also has a FM transmitter. Just for those who care…

  2. Francophone from Quebec here.

    Here’s a few things you didn’t get/got wrong from the video:

    – MicroSD not MiniSD
    – The MiniUSB port can act as a master (host). There is mention that you can plug in peripherals such as a USB storage device or a USB keyboard… sweet!
    – The final version will have 2 MiniUSB ports (the one in the video has a single one)
    – Something that sounds like a digital TV recording app
    – Current version has slightly lighter weight than the iPhone
    – Optimized thermal dissipation
    – Vague mention of a mysterious “secondary means of typing” (I’m guessing some kind of hardware keyboard peripheral).
    – Release date: Dec 2009 – Jan 2010
    – Price: around 300 euros depending on versions.
    – Bigger screen sizes in the pipe

    If you want me to roughly translate some other documentation on this device, Rob, send it my way, I’ll see what I can do.

  3. The videos says many things, including the fact that there’s 2 usb ports one mini-usb and one micro-usb, the mini-usb one is host, so you can plug in a keyboard or a usb key, there will be 2 mini-usb in the final release. It has a built-in TNT tuner, for TV with record feature.

    Their goal seems is to sell it to carriers and companies for their own brands with their own built-in changes.

    It’s annonced on their own brand for this december or january 2010 around 300 € depending on options. :P

  4. after watching a demonstration video for this “booklet” :

    i am no longer interested in the “classic” tablets

  5. if that aint a monster, i dont know what is…

  6. I like it though wonder why only a 533/667MHZ… also i am sure they could though a bigger internal storage into it as it is quite large. Otherwise I like it!

  7. Thanks for the translation Maj however I do not think Rogers well get it any time soon… They are slow on the up take… (That is if it has G3/3.5)

  8. Why can’t we see the little sticker on the backside? The person holding it is taking quite some effort into covering it…

  9. PHONE!!!! PHONE!!!

    Its like they are getting so close but just don’t quite get it. The future of these devices is to blur the netbook smartphone lines. They seem to be getting the form factor right but they need the phone. I’d buy something like this or the Archos 5 without a second thought if it was also a cell phone. The form factor would demand blue tooth headsets but thats fine. I prefer using blue tooth even on my G1.

  10. Perousal… is that french?

  11. My bad i ment to thank KBlack for the translation.

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