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If you’re waiting for the Sprint HTC Hero you’ve only got a few weeks left – it is set to launch on October 11th for $179.99. But that hasn’t stopped BestBuy from putting it up a little bit early as they now have it listed on BestBuy.com for $599.99 with no-strings-attached and a “coming soon” sign:


Don’t forget the other sweet thing about getting the Sprint HTC Hero at BestBuy… it is $100 cheaper in the short-run.

[Thanks Sean!]

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  1. Did anybody else notice in the pics that it doesn’t have the “with Google” branding that most of the review units had?

  2. What will the price be if a current Sprint provider wants one? I have a Pre now and want this. If i just re-sign up for a 2 yr agreement, can i get the same $179 deal?

  3. $599… but u still need a Sprint data plan…

  4. Kinda funny that the IPhone ad is right above it. was that done on purpose?

  5. It won’t be $599.. Best Buy can price match with Sprint’s price which will be $429. And Chad it depends if you’re eligible for an upgrade I believe. So if you have the 2yr upgrade discount which is $150, then you will get it for $179.

  6. @ lordhong:

    The six hundred dollar price tag is for the phone by itself, without a contract.

    If you’re gonna use it with sprint the phone would be $180.

    So you could get that new thing-a-ma-bob with unlimited everything and free mobile to mobile from sprint for 70 bucks a month and get the Hero for the 2 yr agreement price.

  7. $599 is lame. Sprints MSRP (The price MOSTLY SUCKERS REALLY PAY) is currently set at $429.99 for the Hero. Source: Sprint.com/hero

  8. Yea if your a new customer or qualify for upgrade like myself, you walk out the door with it for $179 plus tax ;) I cant wait to have this in my hands !!!

  9. Tmobile sucks…so we get the original g1…then skip the HERO for the mytouch…and now get clique or whatever? And sprint starts with this bad mamajama!? If only sprint had better network coverage and there weren’t rumors about tmo buyin sprint my plan would be cancelled in a heartbeat!

  10. I had a i phone 3g and i got tired of the of the interface and dumb apps i went to sprint and got the pre and it had no apps at all so i went with the mytouch and after spending $500 i am here with what i thought was the coolest phone…but it is not by a long shot when compared to the hero…and now i am upset big time because i suck for falling for this hook line and sinker. I am thinking about quitting tmobile and going back to sprint (2nd time going back to them in 2 months) if someone does not give me a good enough reason to stay here with tmobile.

  11. Damn…thanks everyone for the answers. Is there a way that I can resign up for a 2 yr agreement to get the $179 deal? I just got the Pre like 3 months ago. Really want this Hero. Anyone know any ways around it?

  12. Chad…you need to sell your pre and cut your losses and go back and pay for the hero out of pocket. The pre out of pocket is 749.99 so i am sure some loser out there would at least pay 399.99 for it at a used price adn then all you will have to pay is about $200.

  13. Chad, Theres no way around it sorry bud but it looks like you will be paying the 429 if you want it

  14. @oreo – tmobile buying sprint? LOL! are you serious?!?! hahahahhahahahaha!!!!! :) that would NEVER…EVER happen. lol you’re funny hehehehe

  15. Its not TMO buying sprint its Deutsche Telecom… they just called the conglomeration of smaller telecoms they bought in the US Tmobile (i.e Ariel then voicestream then TMO under deutsche) They are having a number of financial issues at home and this rumor has been going around for ages. I cant see how it would make sense to buy a telco running 2 totally non-compatible wireless technologies. I have to say though with their failure to put UMA on the my touch and total lack of 3G around me i’m going back to sprint with this phone and glad about it. Glad its with Sprint since ATT is overpriced and Verizon… well I just hate them for whatever reason. Grats Sprint you are starting to get back on track.

  16. Any word if BestBuy is taking pre-orders on this yet?

  17. @bray424 Best Buy is taking pre-orders, it’s $50. I can’t seem to find it on the website, though, so you might have to go into the store to do it. You might have a couple of problems doing it since it isn’t being advertised yet and as far as I know the Best Buy people haven’t been briefed on it yet. The presale is in the system, though, and can be bought (I work there and check the computers for new Hero related stuff often).

  18. It’s only available for $179.99 after a two year agreement and a $100 mail in rebate so you would have to dish out 279.99.

  19. according to sprint that is.

  20. @alex
    Bestbuy eliminates mail in rebates so it would be 179.99

  21. The deal the T-Mo is trying to do goes against FCC regs from what I’ve been told they are basically trying to or so the rumor states trying to buy out Sprint because they can’t compete with the new any mobile anytime deal and would rather attempt to buy out the competition rather than compete. The FCC would more than likely refuse any such deal so for the T-MO users who want the hero and are hoping for such a buyout either need to keep hoping or assimilate.

  22. I got a PRE and will also get the HTC, funny my local sprint stores tells me it’ll be $379 to purchase the phone but $429 its not that bad but not way I’ll pay $599 specially knowing the new Samsung 4G android phone is coming next year.

  23. just pre ordered today got a 50 dollar gift certificate which brings the total cost to 129.99 how exciting.

  24. @funbag: i got the gift card too, but i think its just meant to represent the $50 you deposited, not an additional $50 off

    Does anyone know how much the Bestbuy protection plan would be on a $180 phone? I’ve had two sprint phones destroyed by water damage, and I’m thinking that if its a one time $50 charge, over the two years I own the phone thats going to be a whole lot cheaper than Sprints $8/month insurance.

  25. When you pre-order the phone, you are asked to “deposit” $50. The deposit is secured in the form of a gift card. When you show up on Oct 11th to buy your phone, the price is $179. You can use your $50 gift card plus $129. Or you can spend your $50 gift card on something else and hand over $179 to get your phone.

  26. ok my question is about activation fees, im a spritn premier customer so i dont pay them, will best buy honor it? if not what is there ectivation fee and will sprint insure the phone if i get it from BB

  27. @Chad… you can get “new upgrade customer” pricing after 12 months of owning the Pre, NOT 2 years!!

    Just thought I’d let you guys know that… If you have an Everything Data plan with Sprint, you’re a Premier Customer, which means “Premier Value”, like new phones after 1-yr. Enjoy WebOS for a while and then check out the other 5 Android phones that Sprint will have at your upgrade time next year!!

  28. i thought the hero and the mytouch were the same phones.. no?

  29. I picked up a Hero last week and, so far, I’m impressed. My experience with the iphone was limited but I believe the Hero edges it out. The smoothness and customization of the interface is second to none, the call quality is great and the apps are plentiful. I know that the iphone has more apps but not for long, believe me. Funny thing is, when I bought my phone there was a guy next to me also buying one and dropping his iphone. “The iphone just doesn’t have and do everything I need it to do.” Beyond that I have not read a bad review of this thing. Everyone I show (even some iphone/touch users) are jealous. Go get one today, trust me.

  30. why doesnt the HTC hero have the Google sign on the back??

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