Sep 18th, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:27 pm

Alright this is starting to get out of hand… we’ve just now heard about the ANOTHER Verizon Android Phone that could launch in 2009 – the HTC Predator.  The rumor was spilled by BGR and supposedly this phone could come as soon as October. You do realize folks…

This would make FOUR Verizon Android Phones:

droideneggerWe’re almost positive the Motorola Sholes is the real deal but very little has been leaked about the HTC models. Could they be renamed versions of existing HTC Android Phones? Could the names be overlapping? Or is Verizon REALLY going to launch 4 Android Phones before the year ends or even soon after?

Right now T-Mobile is the market leader when it comes to American Androids, offering 2 models (G1/MyTouch) and with a guaranteed 3rd on the way (CLIQ). For Verizon to launch 4 Android Phones by year end would be nothing short of astonishing. Exciting? Yes… but truth? Sounds far fetched.

And by the way, we thought competing handset manufacturers were sneaking up on HTC didn’t we? Only a couple short weeks ago EVERYBODY was talking about Motorola and the Sholes on Android. If HTC is really able to outnumber Motorola 3 to 1 on Big Red they’ll EASILY win the numbers game.

The main reason I have a glimmer of hope about all this is because we’re talking about HTC. The HTC that has more experience with Android than any other company in the world – besides Google of course. The HTC that has lined up a CDMA version of the HERO at Sprint which elminates or downplays the technology barrier.

If you’re a tipster sitting idle with information about any of the Verizon Android Phones… PLEASE hit us up. We respect your confidentiality and will gladly keep your tip 100% anonymous.

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