Sep 3rd, 2009

Excuse me for sleeping! At 4AM I hopped in bed, thinking this Sprint Hero Announcement was a pretty darn good story I scooped. I wake up a few hours later to find out that it is now even more officially officialized as they have sent out a Press Release will full details!

Sprint’s HTC Hero will launch on October 11th for the price of $179.99 after 2-year agreement and rebate. There was a big debate as to whether the Sprint version of the HTC Hero would have the “chin” we’ve all come to know and either love/hate. The answer? No chin! While I prefer the chin, any way you look at it this thing is 100$ dead sexy!




For those with small monitors, let Uncle Rob help you out:

sprint-htc-hero-3 sprint-htc-hero-2 sprint-htc-hero1

So it looks like Sprint’s version of the HTC Hero will indeed have HTC Sense! What I don’t understand is why call this the HTC Hero when the design is so radically different? I mean the chin was the main point of emphasis in the style and its gone so…. oh whatever who cares SPRINT IS GETTING THE HERO OCTOBER 11TH!

You can sign up for some type of notification that is mostly undisclosed at – OR you can do what the COOL people do and subscribe to OUR HTC Hero updates on OUR HTC Hero page! Afterall… we practically broke the news before Sprint did.


My favorite part of this information avalanche by Sprint is how they compare the HTC Hero to the leading flagship devices on T-Mobile (MyTouch), AT&T (iPhone) and Verizon (Storm). The reason I like this is because it could be ANOTHER phone that gets the brunt of the Hero’s brawn… the Palm Pre. How many people do you think will choose the Palm Pre when they’ve got this bad boy to choose from?

[Via Press Release]

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