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anaIf any of you peruse other Android sites than you may have heard about the Android Network Awards. As of this writing, 30+ Android related sites banded together to launch and promote an Android Application voting/awards program to help highlight and celebrate the best applications on Android Market. Voting started April 10th and you only have until August 16th at midnight to submit your votes!

I’ve been asked numerous times why Phandroid isn’t participating and the truth is… we’re just too darn busy. Notice that “Apps” section in the blue nav bar? We’re still working very hard on that and hopefully we’ll have something to announce soon… but in the meantime the folks doing the Android Network Awards deserve recognition as they’ve put together a pretty cool concept in a short amount of time. And they plan on doing it regularly.

The awards have 26 categories like Best Widget, Best Social Networking App and Best Puzzle Game. Its incredibly easy to just visit the site and click on the apps you think deserve recognition for hooking us all up with Android Application goodness. You can even write in votes.

Android fans are really something else and it was awesome to see so many people come together for one purpose. Just as a way of saying “keep up the good work” I’ve posted a link to all the contributing sites below but want to give a special shout out to Taylor from AndroidAndMe, Scott from AndroidGuys, Michael from GoogleAndBlog, iNicc0lo from Android.HDBlog.it and the dudes from HTCSource and Leakdroid who have been dropping lots of hot rumors and leaks as of late!

Here is the full list of participants:

Oh… and then there is one more participant… YOU! Head on over to AndroidNetworkAwards.com to vote now!

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  1. That’s cool that put links to the other sites. I didn’t know there so many sites focused on Android! (Now, if I just had the time to view them on casual basis. That’s why I really love the phandroid app on my G1 — it downloads content for later viewing, like while I’m waiting for my order here at baja fresh – yum!)

  2. Is there another one of these coming up soon? – Thanks, Alan


  3. Very cool apps. Hope to see round two.

  4. Would be nice to make such a thing for the current year. Waiting for your invitation ;)

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