Aug 14th, 2009

Since Mobile World Congress we’ve been hearing about the Huawei U8230 which has gone through the rumor mill several times, each time passing with a different final rumored outcome. Most recently we had heard it could be the T-mobile G3… but now the rumor waters are getting muddier (and yummier)!


The Wi-Fi Alliance has just passed a Huawei phone listed as model number U8220 through their certification process with the product listed as “T-Mobile Pulse”. Notice the model number difference between the originally rumored Android – U8230/U8220? Could this just be a regional version of the same phone or are the T-Mobile Pulse and whatever the Huawei U8230 ends up being totally different products?

The folks at Gizmodo Brazil (translated to English) claim to have snagged a little picture of the phone:


And how does this picture compare to the ones we’ve seen of the U8230?

Obviously different but very, very close. The U8220 is a render and the U8230 is a photo… they could still be the same phone at different points in the beta hardware or they could be two different phones entirely. But one thing is for sure… a T-Mobile Pulse will be coming through T-Mo at some point and it will probably have Android. Not only that, but Gizmodo Brazil is claiming it will pack the following specs:

  • 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi (duh)
  • Bluetooth
  • 3MP camera
  • 256MB of built-in memory
  • MicroSD up to 16GB

Let the speculation begin continue!