Rumormill: One click root?


Take it for what it’s worth:


Fingers crossed.

[via Devolio]

Tyler Miller

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  1. But HOW?!

    If this is true, it might have some serious security implications.

  2. believe it when i see it happen.

  3. Fingers crossed? Surely privilege escalation in apps is a rather bad thing.

  4. You know what they say about stuff that is too good to be true…

  5. i hope this is true, i’m really fed up with the limited internal memory

  6. Sounds too good to be true… not to mention it will probably be fixed almost immediately after its release

  7. sounds like a risky thing to do, ill just wait for you guys to try it out first :p

  8. Ok….so once I’ve done all the instructions on this guy’s blog, what is the next step to getting a rom onto my g1, and where can I get them….noob I know.

  9. This is far from “one click root”….not for me thanks

  10. does this work with the mytouch 3g??

  11. The local privilege escalation vulnerability is real (affects the past 8 years of Linux kernels), and works on our phones too. It was only released and patched last week, but our kernels will need to be updated to fix the exploit.

    Note that if you root your phone using this, the kernel fix — which Google is surely working on now, if not already done — will not reverse what you did to root the phone. The fix itself will just prevent it from being exploited again in the future. That’s assuming that Google’s update doesn’t look for and reverse a recovery.img change (I really doubt they would do that)

  12. if he releases it to the market you could tell tmo that you just downloaded an app and your phone broke

  13. It actually worked. My model is now android dev phone 1. Too bad I don’t know too much of what I’m doing. I’m very illiterate when it comes to kernels and build numbers.

  14. i’m too afraid to try this as well.
    main worry is still the necessity to keep following up with further updates (which i can or cannot do; without breaking anything)

  15. Hadn’t rooted my phone since I got a replacement a few weeks back, so had a go with this on a stock G1 on the latest official FW.

    This worked perfectly, now running Cyanogen.

  16. does doing this overwrite your settings and all that? like, i know it’s a custom build, but is it like factory resetting your phone? do you have to re-download all your market stuff?

  17. i uploaded a guide to youtube to show it works


  18. thinks works PERFECTLY for my white mytouch.
    im running the hero rom on it now. i love it.
    and its running without any problems.

    the root worked amazing! (=

  19. Where can you get the roms ? for example, hero rom or others

  20. try androidspin.com

  21. This is not rooting. it is just an app that helps you with fashing the a Modified Recovery Image. At least that is what i understand from his blog.

    the rest is still the same. Which is
    1. Get modified recovery
    2. Boot into recovery and run nandroid backup
    3. Flash a new ROM.

  22. and for ROMs, head over to XDA-Developers.

    Check out the Dream and Sapphire Subforums.

  23. What hero rom are you using Fearless? I wanted to try a hero rom but I don’t know which one is best for Mytouch3g. Meaning fastest/stable/ and has all the same widgets and or most functionality like the real hero. By the way this worked great and here i went and made a gold card and everything for what!?!?

  24. it works. it was really easy!!!

  25. tried 5 different roms and always get unable to start wifi.

    an1 got that?

  26. do you have to format your SD card first…or can i just leave it with all my stuff on it?

  27. Does anyone know why the app needs access to bluetooth?

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