SciPhone N12 With Real Android


This morning we showed you the SciPhone Dream G2 phone which we only cared about because of the cool charger – the stupid thing doesn’t even run Android only a proprietary Android clone. But the company’s website is now boasting the SciPhone N12 which – while still probably of clone phone quality – appears to run an authentic version of Android.



It is rather odd because the heading above the specs reads “SciPhone N12 Smart Phone With Google” which not only suggests it is definitely an Android Phone but also that it is a Google Experience phone. But if you look at the specs below and notice the Operating system it says Android/WindowsMobile.

That could mean one of many things:

  • N12 comes with your choice of operating systems
  • They haven’t decided what N12 will actually run
  • One phone can boot either OS
  • Android or Android Market is virtualized as a Windows Mobile application
  • It runs their proprietary fake Android junk and they just put this as specs for the fun of it

We’ll see. Not like any of this is written in stone – the page appears half done and they’re missing a closing </div> or something somwhere with all that grey space.

In any case, if you care, here are the specs:

SciPhone N12 Smart Phone with Google

  • Processor: Marvell Monahands (624MHz) + Qualcomm MSM6246
  • Operating system: Android/ Windows Mobile
  • Dimensions: 117*58*12.7
  • Mode: UMTS-2100MHz, GSM-900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Bearer: GSM, 3G(WCDMA)
  • Display: WQVGA 240*400 pixels, 3.2 inch TFT 262K
  • Main camera: 3.2M pixel
  • Secondary Camera: 0.1M pixel
  • Storage: ROM-256MB+64MB, RAM-256MB+64MB
  • Extended Storage: Micro SD, up to 16GB
  • USB: USB 2.0 high speed
  • Bluetooth: Ver 2.0
  • GPS: Yes
  • WiFi: IEEE 802.11b/11g
  • TV: CMMB
  • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
  • Standby time(GSM): Up to 220 hours
  • Voice talk time(2G): Up to 170 minutes

Whatchya think?

[Thanks Jeff!]

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  1. Interesting. I was looking at some YouTube videos some weeks ago for their fake-Android phone, and the touchscreen and software seemed very snappy. The hardware looked really cheap, and the snappiness obviously came from it being a closed system, but for a fake device I was a bit impressed.

    If this truly runs Android, at the right price it could be pretty cool. The specs actually seem decent, and if it’s really a Google Experience device, it could end up being a pretty good little handset.

    Interestingly, this is exactly what I thought of when Google announced Android would be open-source; all the fake Chinese knockoff phones could end up being, well, real- the landscape has been entirely leveled by this.

  2. For the right price I might consider getting it. Don’t care about the phone, though. I want the cute charger! :P

  3. SciPhones scare me. Knock off city they are.

  4. those pics are fake…ive seen them months ago…just search g2 in google

  5. if its real, its has decent specs, except for the battey..1000mAh?

  6. IT HAS TV ???

  7. this company is well known for allowing for dual sim and dual standby in their phones.
    i sincerely hope this will still be possible on this phone

  8. I have a i68+ sciphone and it works really nice.
    The dual standby SIM is really nice :)
    But it came without the instructions manual.. and I am still learning..

  9. My experience with my Dream G2 is excellent!! the touch screen is very responsive, the wifi connection superb!! the signal awesome and the best of all… the price!! wohoo!

  10. the Scihone Dream G2 is simply great. superb responsive touchscreen and fast WiFi and nice OS even though it is cloned generic software. great buy for the price and yes great multimedia player too.

  11. I got a new dream g2 also its features are cool and not really bad phone even its a clone Android. I also want this phone the N12 I think its cool because of the features and I want the GPS because i love trailing with my mountain bike. Touchscreen is not really best as compared to iphone but its good for its price, the phone is really not cheap.

  12. the footer image is also offset from the rest in my IE8 lol.

  13. As it can (probably) run on WM6.5 I would be interested due to the GPS software I use. However, the battery seems rather weak? I heard the N12 is coming out in a week or so… Anyone knows how to get to the source? There are so many resellers out there….

  14. Ugh… it’s real uh..nice but ugh… I’m not interested coz it’s a cheap chinese fone made with prisin labor, not like teh real phone made by like real overpaid white guys like nokia or even samsung like, an not in prison too.

    And Uh… who wants thaqt chep chinese clone so whut if i can tell from handroid… its stll nit the same thisnk. BRAND NAMZ MATTIR COZ WITHOUT THEM WHUT? I mean how can u tell if itz gud if it dont have no brand. Like an appil or a haemerroid?

    And whut wud u feelz if you took out this phone in high schul (i’ll be there in another year) and everyone sed cheep chhep cheep in Chinese? Whut ud u do then? whut? i newz u cudn’t answer that.

  15. hi guys …i got information that N12 only for WM6.1/6.5 ….For Android O/S, they only use it for N21 (seem like General Mobile DSTL1 complete with spec.)…..and for TV’s only support CMMB-China only (China TV system for gadget …see on Wiki)….but the cover of N12 is different so different. I can’t find that N12 is clone of any branded Cellphone….but you can find on several online store, the clone of Sciphone N12 (the fake version of N12)..

    I thing N12 is good Cellphone can see all the spec and compare it with other branded phone…Hope.. it will support BB connect and can flashed into Android.
    The good point from N12 is : Big RAM/ROM, Fast CPU, AUTOFOCUS Camera, GPS and it’s 3G phone.

    G2 isn’t Real Android Phone …it just ‘Android’s like’. maybe the o/s is MDK …(..maybe..maybe..)

  16. These Sciphone N series are improved version compare to the older sciphone. The quality is clearly improved plus with the Andriod system. Couldn’t complain with the price.

  17. I bought this SCIPHONE N12 at, the quality is much better then Sciphone Dream G2. Especially, they put Android system in the N12 phone now. much faster than before.

  18. wow,how beautiful sciphone

  19. I have been studying these phones for days, considering importing. check this out and let me know what you think. I think it is a great buy for $175.00.
    The HTC touch tops A1 diamond 2.T5388
    Dual OS/cpu-460/280mb/mtk 6516/quad band/unlocked/
    2 camera 3.2mp/comes with both Android 2.1 and WM 6.5 installed, the best of both worlds/ram256/rom512/tf card up to 16gb/dual sim/2 batterys/$175.00 with shipping! check it and tell me what you think! / I not an expert I would like to hear your review! before I buy,

  20. this company is well known for allowing for dual sim and dual standby in their phones.

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