Oculus Rift consumer launch confirmed for Q1 2016, pre-sale later this year


oculus rift protoype

The folks at Oculus Rift have confirmed a final shipping window for the consumer edition of their virtual reality headset. It’ll be out at some point in Q1 2016, with pre-sales for the device commencing this Wednesday, they’ve announced.

With that, the company released some final renders of what the consumer product will look like once it touches ground next year. You’ll find that it’s a refined version of the Crescent Bay prototype that they’ve been worked on largely throughout its entire development, which is great considering that design was already pretty slick.

Developers have had their hands dipped in the Oculus Rift SDK for quite some time now, and the company has assured us that the earliest efforts will be showcased at their big E3 showing next month.

While other companies have already started introducing viable virtual reality solutions — either through the use of smartphone-augmented units like the Samsung Gear VR or standalone goodness such as HTC’s Re Vive — but Oculus Rift still seems poised to present one of the most ambitious consumer-ready virtual reality experiences to date. We’ll have to wait until June to find out what, exactly, they’re looking to do to make that happen.

[via Oculus Rift]

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  1. Don’t you need a computer to run an Oculus Rift? I was told you do. I was also told you need a beastly computer. So if you can run Battlefield on the max settings, your computer isn’t good enough. You need more power. =.P

    I was told you need to have some uber strong computer. I’ll need to do some research. Too many people telling me things and I’m still unsure of things.

    1. It has been unclear how this will be supported, can I use it on an xbox one?

      1. that will be the kicker, people not having to upgrade their current hardware, tv etc….

  2. “with pre-sales for the device commencing this Wednesday”

    uhh, wheres that posted? Today is Wednesday. “with pre-orders later this year.” is from the article.

  3. I need a price, but honestly I don’t see myself diving into this generation of VR.

    MAYBE HTC to support them, or Mattel because of nostalgia. But the tech itself isn’t pulling me in yet, I guess I need televised sports or my choice gaming platform to fully adopt it. For now a few things here and there won’t do.

    1. htc maybe teamed up with valve…

      1. They did, still not enough for me tho. I want more than just gaming, if I wanted gaming I’d go with Sony’s.

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