Jun 30th, 2009

android-market-updateIf you have an Android Application downloaded and a newer version of that application is available in Android Market, you’ll usually get a status notification and when viewing the app in the market it will have a very visible “Update Available” next to it (see image). At least it SHOULD – users worldwide are experiencing problems with the feature.

I’ve been getting tips for a couple days on this and it is now quite obvious the problem is widespread. Longtime AndroidForums member Dkaufman1 has shared his own frustrations, linking to a Google Support Page showing the problem does indeed seem to be affecting the masses.

I’m wondering if Google is aware of the problem – if they aren’t yet I’m sure they will be soon. I’m also wondering if this problem could be caused by users installing leaked ROM versions – even ROMs that were supposedly leaked “official” ROMs but perhaps without a few lines of important code somewhere that carriers/google added in at the last second. Surely all those cupcake delays were for a reason, right?

The App Update Notification is a small yet pretty crucial feature that a lot of people are going to miss until the problem is fixed. If you didn’t know it was gone, I bet you’ll suddenly start missing it pretty badly. What you don’t know can’t hurt you but guess what? Now you know!

[Thanks to Dave Kaufman and everyone else who sent this in (remind me if you did and I’ll add your name/linkhere… unless you’re lying) ! ]

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