The Saygus V2 gets another massive delay to Fall 2015 (and a sketchy IndieGoGo campaign, to boot)


Saygus V2 DSC08018

The Saygus V2 is a very cool phone that’s very real, but it’s also very late. And that is starting to get very annoying. The company has announced yet another delay, with this particular instance pushing the phone’s arrival back to Fall 2015.

Reasons for the delay were credited to unforeseen hiccups in manufacturing, which is not all that uncommon for companies without much experience. It’s not like we’ve never suffered a delay before, so we suppose we’ll just have to cope the best way we know how.

Saygus V2 DSC08014

What we’re more concerned about, however, is that the company has thrown up a new IndieGoGo campaign for the thing with a lofty $1 million goal. It’s being used as an avenue for folks to learn about the phone and place orders for it that are lower priority than those who were able to pre-register for the device earlier in the year.

That campaign’s $1 million goal was over 80% fulfilled the second it went live, with funds being pledged at least two days before the campaign even kicked off. A vast majority of those pledges came in at $599 a pop, to boot. It’s possible IndieGoGo allowed Saygus to backload the campaign with the funds they secured from the pre-registration users in order to make their current campaign look more legit. But in doing so, it actually doesn’t.

Whatever the case may be, the Saygus V2 is so far off at this point that it will be silly to continue calling it the world’s most advanced smartphone by the time it’s out. Half the specs touted (seeSaygus V2 specs) are either matched or bested in other OEMs’ 2015 flagships, and Saygus’s plans to add a last minute USB Type-C port to the phone don’t do much to persuade us not to go with something that’s already on store shelves. Want to know more about this phone? We got our hands on it back at CES so be sure to check that out and decide if it’s worth jumping through hoops for.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. they are gonna make a killing on this phone. those components should be cheap as hell now!

  2. If Quentyn is correct, If they are back loading, which I didn’t see it mentioned there. That is really fishy.. In fact, to the unknowing, it looks as if they just started it. Maybe I missed something.. IDK. I won’t be participating.

  3. I wish they wouldn’t say it has 464GB of memory. It has 64GB of memory and two micro SD slots which support 200GB cards. Since that card costs $399 each, I personally will never see all 464 GB of potential data.

  4. Saygus’ history of failing to deliver TWO of TWO phones should eliminate them from consideration by Indiegogo. My experience with Saygus? I preordered at $550 with the WiHD -> HDMI dongle, spare battery and headphones. After the March and May missed deliveries & info blackout, I asked for a refund. Before it was refunded, I asked to cancel my cancellation request upon rumors from Saygus that it was near to ship… they chose to refund my pre-order & then told me I could enter a new pre-order for $600 w/o any of the accessories. I was a loyal backer, loaning them $550 for over 4 months, now I’m glad I’m out of this under-featured, over-priced vaporware! Its realistically a $350 Galaxy S5… and a $7 cable connects HDMI to that phone. If they lowered the price and made the accessories standard… WITH deliveries in 7 days or less… maybe. They aren’t even close to any of those requirements. I’ve lost respect for Indiegogo at this point. They aren’t looking out for the consumer. Barnum&BailieGoGo.

  5. if you haven’t gotten a refund yet, do it before they run.

  6. So this is the phone I’ve been hearing about on podcast ads. Sounded interesting in the ads but now, not so much. Pass.

  7. Should upgrade the soc and ram

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