T-Mobile Hacked Oh So Gently


Yesterday we reported that T-Mobile was hacked severely based on rumors floating around the web. Initially it was thought that abolutely EVERYTHING was jacked from T-Mobile’s servers. T-Mobile contacted us saying they were investigating the matter and would let us know. Well, they have let us know.

Here is the updated T-Mobile  statement on alledged hacking:

“To reaffirm, the protection of our customers’ information and the security of our systems is paramount at T-Mobile.  Regarding the recent claim on a Web site, we’ve identified the document from which information was copied, and believe possession of this alone is not enough to cause harm to our customers.  We continue to investigate the matter, and have taken additional precautionary measures to further ensure our customers’ information and our systems are protected.  At this moment, we are unable to disclose additional information in order to protect the integrity of the investigation, but customers can be assured if there is any evidence that customer information has been compromised, we would inform those affected as quickly as possible.”

So from the above we can assume the T-Mobile system WAS compromised but the data acquired is of no concern to customers and probably no value to the perps. That is what I call being hacked oh so gently.


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  1. That’s called damage control my friend.

  2. C.Y.A. cover your ass t mobile

  3. They identified a DOCUMENT from which information was copied. Hm, Well I guess we need to wait another few days to see what other information comes our way. They are not going to go crazy public with this because it’s a free contract outer.

  4. i dont think anymore information will come out from tmobile, as far as there concerned whats done is done, and lets hope no one buys and/or the info falls into the wrong hands EI: a rival carrier.
    i can see it now calls from dif carriers

    “hello mr so and so, i was just calling to see if your happy with your service, and to see if i can improve on your service in any way.”

  5. If this is just some stuff from a document which was somehow leaked, I’m not sure how that counts as being hacked. Does dumpster diving for 10 dot addresses count as hacking? What next 192.168?

  6. They didn’t say the the single document that was copied was the ONLY document that was copied. Hence their following statement, that “…information from this document alone is insufficient…” is really moot because the hackers may have had other documents to join the first to.

  7. T-mo isn’t the first and won’t be the last to have data stolen so I doubt anyone is going to up and leave if they didn’t just want a way out of their contract.

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