T-Mobile Hacked, Data Stolen Including… Everything


T-Mobile’s website has been on and off today – probably no coincidence considering hackers have alledgedly broken into the T-Mo system, stealing everything you can imagine including:


  • Subscriber data
  • Databases
  • Confidential SIC documents
  • Scripts and programs from their servers
  • Financial documents up to 2009
  • Much more

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the brazen bad boys have attempted to sell the data to T-Mobile’s competitors! They’ve been turned down, and for obvious reasons, but the hackers are now trying to auction off the data to the highest bidder.

Sure, they were smart enough to get all the goods, but they had better pray they were able to cover their tracks. Because if they weren’t, to quote the movie Half Baked (Update 1: It is from “Office Space”) , they’re going straight to “Federal Pound-Me-In-The-A$$ Prison”. Then again what are the chances they’re from the US? Oh well.

Something similar happened in 2005 and the perpetrator WAS caught:

T-Mobile was the target of a masssive 2005 hack, in which Nicholas Jacobsen was charged with unauthorized network access by the U.S. Secret Service. According to published reports, Jacobsen had access to all the information about T-Mobile’s 16 million U.S. subscribers.

Although the hackers this time around provided code proving they broke in, T-Mobile has yet to make an official statement or acknowledge the data breach.

T-Mobile’s PR firm has contacted me with an official statement on behalf of the company:

“The protection of our customers’ information, and the safety and security of our systems, is absolutely paramount at T-Mobile. Regarding the recent claim, we are fully investigating the matter. As is our standard practice, if there is any evidence that customer information has been compromised, we would inform those affected as soon as possible.”

[ChannelInsider via Engadget]

Rob Jackson
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  1. I smell a waived ETF in my future is this story becomes confirmed by T-Mo.

  2. “…to quote the movie Half Baked…”

    I believe that would have been Office Space

  3. I believe you’re quoting “Office Space”, but a good quote none the less.

  4. Uh, I’m with Shivers. Time to unlock my 4 G1’s and I “guess” sucker down to verizon or something.

  5. Yeah, that is an Office Space quote.

  6. Yeah, definitely Office Space. Good quote though. :)

  7. Lawl, Mr. Jackson was “Half Baked” when he quoted the movie. :P

  8. @Rob HAHAHHHHAHA… yes, yes, everyone is right. The quote DID come from the movie Office Space. I can’t believe I effed that up. I should go to Federal PMITAP for getting that so wrong.

    It has been WAY too long (5-6 years) since I’ve watched either of those movies. Still… inexecusable, I know.

  9. Lol, No disrespect, Just felt like it kinda had to be said.

  10. Should I like, cancel my credit cards?

  11. I’d assume not? I guess T-Mo (according to update 2) will be contacting you if you’re affected. Judging by the nature of the initial information, though..It seems EVERYONE is affected. Regardless, If you wanted ANY TIME to toss T-Mo and lose that ETF (Early Termination Fee) NOW is the time. Once this is confirmed that even 100,000 people were affected, that is MORE than enough people to convince me that it can and most likely will happen again, Meaning you’d rather go to oh I dunno almost EVERY other US cell phone company that has not has a major breach like this.

  12. Well, as I am a german T-Mobile user, I’m interested in whether this only includes US Data again.

    I wanted to cancel my contract anyway but this would be another good reason to do it.

  13. “T-Mobile’s website has been on and off today”

    I noticed that T-mobile website is all new looking, isn’t it the reason why it was off and not this hacking thing?

  14. so does this explain why my bill isnt paid?!, does it explain why i cant use my phone and it says i owe them 367.00?!? dosent this make sence? they have turned off my phone and now i am not able to use it! humph, lets get them people!

  15. Damn. I guess it’s time to unlock my 26 g1’s, cancel ALL my credit cards, burn out my finger prints, and get a sex change. Frigin’ hackxorz. Also, I just sold my first born child to TMOs VP in exchange for beta access to their up and coming 4G network… guess that deal is fubar. Poor baby probably didn’t even get there.

  16. I don’t get the joke there to be honest..and who would cancel their CC? You kidding me? I’m dying to see my CC used for shit I didn’t order. I’d call up and say “yeah uh need that shipping address” and go kick someone in the face. and if your corny ass 3 liner there had anything to do with my comment on 4 G1’s, I can take a pic of all them with my balls in there if you like. =)

  17. Dude! First off who cares how may G1’s you have and two why do you have 4 G1’s anyway? Oh spare us the picture of the four (4) G1’s along with your perported body parts (it might be hard to tell the “two” apart). Oh and yes this three (plus) liner is about your LAME four (4) yes count them on one hand 4 G1’s…

  18. These are no hackers, crackers maybe and thieves for sure. I hope they get cought and sent to SinSinati or just ‘heavily injured’ in the process of being arrested. There are so many hackers who whould just hack the site and DB and then tell the owner about the problem that they have. That’s the spirit of real hacking…or I’m just getting old >_>

  19. How about one without the phones?

    Seriously though, I’m waiting for some more information on this.

  20. Rob,

    You were probably just kidding but those phones are not usable
    on verizon’s network.

  21. i just changed my voice mail password, and my gmail password

  22. Joe=Jealous Ones Envy. :P

  23. Whoah now… easy on the “lame” sauce. I am serious. I have a picture of me going down on all 26 to prove it. I know it’s hard to believe.. so I will just start reminding everyone on every article that I post on that I Grant of Phandroid (actually Grantina now…), own 26 g1s, and am in a carnal relationship with ALL of them. Really though, it’s a matter of credentials… it means that I am 26 times more knowledgeable than someone with just 1(measly) g1. Now now kids… don’t get jealous… you can own an illogical amount of the same kind of phone too.. you just have to be DEDICATED.

  24. I have had my G1 for a little over a day now and I cant get over how awesome it is, it even has a metal detector app; how the heck did they do that?

  25. Lol cracks me up people act like this never happened before. Like T-Mo the only company ever hacked and as if they don’t care about their customer security. Heck even the Dep’t of Defense was hacked in the past.
    Guess we shoulda all moved out the country when that happened?

  26. I have had multiple EFT’s in the last week that were debited from my bank account but not credited to “my” t-mobile account. And…I used my bank account for an IVR EFT payment, once, a couple years ago. Otherwise I use my credit card for ‘easypay’. I think these guys got everything and are now going to town.

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