T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Launching In June, More Androids Afterwards?


coleWe know that T-Mobile has at least one Android phone coming this summer as T-Mobile CTO Cole Brodman said it would be out in early summer in an interview with MocoNews. Today, rumor from TMOnews (that they say is 98% confirmed) has the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G launching before the end of the month. That is right… not just “being announced”, but launching. I’m not sure if this is something we’ll hear at the HTC event in London since the MyTouch 3G is essentially a rebranded HTC Magic.

But it does bring up an interesting question – does T-Mobile have more than one Android phone planned this summer? The Samsung Galaxy is floating around out there and take this little blip from the MocoNews interview:

He wouldn’t say much else about the device, but it sounds like it has a high likelihood of coming from a new handset partner, like Motorola or Samsung, rather than from HTC, which manufactured the original T-Mobile G1. Brodman: “We’ll have multiple new Android devices—from multiple partners—this year.”

I’m guessing the HTC made T-Mobile MyTouch 3G will launch in June, or early July at the latest, with devices from other manufacturers possibly trickling in later this year. With last week’s launch of the Palm Pre and the upcoming launch of the iPhone 3GS, T-Mobile’s Androids suddenly have much more stiff competition.

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  1. iPhone 3G S Lol. “The S stands for speed”, No..The S was meant to be put on the box like “$”, But there was a type error. Apple is a joke of a company.

  2. i just want this phone like if it could come out next week that would be great or they could start a pre-order already i would be the first one on that train!!!!!! IM GETTING SO ANXIOUS!!!! ive been waiting for a pretty all touch android ever since the G1 and now its so close but yet so far!!!!

  3. The thing I hate about the IPhone is the bad thing about the MyTouch 3G…..no hard keyboard. Virtual keyboards are a nice option but would I want to HAVE to use one all the time ? NO !

  4. I currently have the Samsung Behold Expresso that I have had for about 3 months; big mistake! My first mind was to go with the G1, but wanted to be different. APRIL FOOLS! The phone is total joke, a cute joke.
    Now they are soon to push this phone and I can’t wait. Tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough. I just hope that it’s not a flop too.

  5. The G1 has dropped $30 at tmobile.com to $149 with a 2 year contract.

  6. Hey guys, you have to admit, the name MyTouch 3G is a tad fruity… Not that there’s anything wrong with being fruity.

  7. Love mine!!! Its strange to have it in canada before the us.

  8. I just waiting for the release. Hurry T-Mobile, Hurry!!!

  9. I waiting for an Android phone with a good touch screen and a full keyboard.

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