Samsung i7500 (Houdini) Hitting T-Mobile In November?


houdini-i7500Put on your sunglasses because VtotheZ just lit up TMOnews Forums with a load of new info including pictures of all the Samsung Phones dropping on T-Mobile between nowand November 2009. The source info seems 100% legit – when you’ve got crystal clear pictures of phones that haven’t even been rumored elsewhere – what more can you ask for? An earlier release of the Samsung Houdini I suppose…

According to the tipster, the Samsung i7500 will NOT launch until November. We thought it might come a little bit earlier because the initial Samsung Houdini rumors listed a timeline with “Fall” and “Holiday” separately – the Houdini was categorized for a Fall launch. Keep in mind that we’re also assuming that the Samsung i7500 confirmed for Europe will become the Samsung Houdini when it comes to the states – as in, we think they are the same phone. Emphasis on think.

The tipster also says:

I was told this will be there “BIG HOLIDAY LAUNCH” so I would say 99% confirmed in November…

No new pictures of the Samsung Houdini/i7500 but if this guy comes through again, it will be in a couple weeks. They haven’t made mention of the “Samsung Houdini” but only the “i7500” so hopefully we can get that issue ironed out shortly.

And for those of you who want to see all the non-Android phones I’ve included a gallery below. Make sure you visit the TMOnews Forums for all the details!

[TMOnews via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. Tell me about it. I was hoping this would come out in June. Guess I’m going to have to go with the HTC Magic instead. I hate the fact that UK is moving away from 12 month contracts. They are now offering 24 month contracts which is a complete rip off.

  2. I was kind of split on the decision between this and the Magic; I like the Magic’s form factor, but I also craved the 3.5mm headjack and slightly higher specs (specifically memory), but this makes the decision much easier. Plus I was hoping to get one of them unlocked, and it’s pretty much assured the i7500 will be much higher in price. Magic it is!

  3. The i7500 will launch in June in continental Europe and in November in US. It’s not yet clear when it’ll launch in UK, probably some time between June and November!

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