UK Eating Cupcake As We Speak


72422226Last week we had a little fire drill when we posted that T-Mobile G1 in the US and UK were getting Cupcake updates. It seems that statement was true, but only for developer phones and rooted phones. The only consumers that got the cupcake update, according to rumors and posts in our comments, were about 1,000 folks in the UK. But the past is the past so lets leave it there and figure this thing out moving forward.

According to numerous tips we’ve received and comments on our original “Official Cupcake Update Occurring” post, T-Mobile G1 owners in the United States ARE getting the update. A few of the tips/comments listed below:

From JonnyM:

9 am london uk. I have cupcake! Not a developer phone, update was ota. Writing this with soft keyboard. Interestingly there’s a new google talk button in applications but haven’t used it yet.


Got Cupcake when i woke up this morning here in UK, Leeds


I live in the UK and i got a system update this morning fone is now showing firmware version of 1.5, but i dont see any addition widgets – but Google Talk has appeared..


Hi UK T-Mobile user here. Just got the cupcake update OTA today at 13:57 (06/05/2009) I think. The phone started up with a different android animation (android text shining). Now got a camcorder option. Information showing the following:

Firmware 1.5
Build CRB17

So it appears as if our original post was right – except for the fact that it was rolling out to T-Mobile USA consumers. When will THAT happen? No clue… but I can only guess it will happen soon considering the above. For now… lets hear what our friends in the UK have to say about Cupcake…

I’m also not sure what the Google Talk thing is all about. He later messaged me back saying it was Google Voice and now I’m awaiting clarification. Anyone who wants to send in info/pictures/videos, we welcome them with open arms!

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  1. Got it over the air this morning too.

    As with everything, there are some good points and some bad points.

    Good Points being all the updates in Cupcake.

    Bad points being:

    * still no latitude in the UK,
    * still no traffic showing in maps (traffic works in the uk on BB and winmo).
    * Power Manager by David Medina (a must have app not updated yet
    * Finally, there seems to be an MP3 playback / audio bug where if you are listening to the MP3 player and a ringtone/notification plays you lose the Mp3 audio which seems to require a reboot to restore!

  2. I have a non developer G1 in the USA. Did anybody with a non developer G1 get the Cupcake OS update in the USA yet?

  3. Re: Google talk, the IM app has been renamed to Google Talk, which makes it more consistant with other platforms

  4. Got my HTC Magic the other day. been having a good play. However, have two major show stoppers for me that might make me put in back in the box.

    1) No Voice Dailing. So basically can’t use hands free to make calls. Use this in the car and on headset when biking all the time, so a major problem here in the UK where it’s illegal to use a handset on the move (and quite rightly so).

    2) Can’t pick another “sender” for my valid gmail accounts. I receive email from several domains. Not be able to send back from the person the email was sent to means I can’t reply to over half the emails I get! So email is useless for these.

    I know some people way say they aren’t bothered by these. But for a lot of people using it seriously they are pretty major.

  5. Re: the voice Dialling I use a Parrot minikit Slim in the car, which is fine, but, doesnt properly support the G1. As far as I can work out when it downloads the contacts from the G1 it downloads from the Sim contacts not the G1 address book and it also only picks up the primary number if a contact has multiple numbers. Worked fine with blackberry curve and mda vario.

  6. Just to clear up the Google Talk thing. I saw Google Talk and thought “oh great, we’re getting Google Voice in the UK!”. It’s just the instant messenger renamed, NOT Google voice. Sorry for the confusion. It was early. And stuff.

  7. I got my Cupcake at 9am this morning (6 May). Been testing everything out seems good.

    It has video recorder, new interface, virtual keyboard, gmail looks better now (can select messages and delete more than one), browser has improved (displays history as in google chrome).

    Not sure if its me but I can’t see any improvement with google maps. GPS seems the same.

    Not sure if its me. But something is draining my battery and I have the £45 seidio innocell battery. My battery has reduced from 100% to 48% from about 10am to 5pm (and I have the 2600mah seidio). I hope the cupcake is draining me. Mind you I have been using the GPS and playing about with the phone quite a lot since cupcake arrived.

  8. Cupcake rollout has started in the Netherlands too!
    I got my update this morning! Everything works fine.
    Really like the virtual keyboard!
    Saves me from opening my phone for every little text!

  9. I’m curious if there’s the addition of WPA Enterprise for WiFi connections. I know it can be added even prior to 1.5 with logging in as root and adding it, but before doing that I’d like to see if it’s going to be in the update as well. Likely I’ll wait anyway as I’m guessing that setting would be lost after upgrading if it’s not on 1.5.

    Also curious on UMA calling. I’m guessing if it were being added we would’ve already heard quite the buzz about it…

  10. didnt get my cupcake update yet im in the us is it even coming im tired of waiting

  11. Still waiting for cupcake in, has anyone in london got it yet.

    marc i had my latitude workin from the last update

  12. I live in the UK and have not received the update yet. I was wondering though, since I heard that the file is 44 mb – do I need to make sure I have that much space by deinstalling apps I got from the market, or will they use disk space that I do not have access to?

  13. Damn… I really want the update… we will either get it by the end of the month here in the US… or we will have to wait until the G2(I Like this name better) comes out.
    :/… hope its the first option… DAMMIT T-MOBILE!!!! WE WANT CUPCAKE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

  14. I feel your frustration Ted. I’m in the same frame of mind you’re in. They need to release it in the U.S. and stop BS’ing around. What are they waiting on????


    AT AROUND 11PM BST on 6th MAY




  16. Shaun..
    I’m in London (Harrow) and I got my update at around 10.30 pm…

    I’m enjoying the new features…
    The only problems is that a few apps are having trouble with 1.5…
    Hopefully the devs are working to fix these problems though…
    No one has really said it yet but the camera improvement is actually amazing in comparison to it at 1.1…

    Has anyone charged their phone after the update to realise it is taking the most insane amount of time?!
    I checked it…it was at 71%…45 minutes later…78%…WHAT THE HELL?!

  17. OK
    I have insatlld the update. Paniced a little at some of the icons on the screen at first reboot (which took a long time) but everything seems to have went OK. phone seems a little slugish but i have lots of music and videos on 8gb sd card so it might be updateing media files.

    power manager – Free Version (v1.4.2)does not work

  18. I got the accept update message this morning, but my battery ran out just as it was accepted…:( now no cupcake for me…

  19. Damn!…
    Surely it’s been pushed to your phone though so you can go to system updates and it will allow you to install it?…

  20. 1.5 is supposed to have the voice command and voice search features but they dont seem to be there (little microphone on the search widget)


    Anyone know why or found them?

  21. Since the update my phone has turned itself off. Takes ages to charge. has reset the clock back by 8hrs. not a good start

  22. don’t think so, System Updates says ‘your system is up to date’

    build number is still RC9, firmware 1.1


  23. Los Angeles – Still no Cupcake update here. I actually went and sat outside with my G1 on the first rumored day of the update, like I could catch the signal early or something. God, I really need a vacation.

  24. Still waiting here in kansas city. HURRY UP!! Lol

  25. I got the cupcake! Midlands, UK, 08.05.09, 08:05. Am loving it! Faster, better look, loads more options, soft-keyboard, etc…….

  26. I’m in Belgium, don’t know if we are getting the update here, as I have a USA phone which isn’t on a T-Mobile network here (we don’t have T in Belgium…)

    Is the update network or device related, and does the OTA means ‘from the provider’s’ servers or a general download?

    I’d like to use Sipdroid, but need 1.5 for it…
    Any ideas or info are welcome…

  27. I was lucky enough to get my cupcake update last week 7th May I think (UK – south coast).

    One thing I’ve noticed is that Gmail isn’t showing new email notifications at top of screen any more – i actually have to go in and manually do a refresh to get new mail. Have gone into settings to turn notifications off then back on again but no joy. Anyone else have this problem?

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