May 6th, 2009

72422226Last week we had a little fire drill when we posted that T-Mobile G1 in the US and UK were getting Cupcake updates. It seems that statement was true, but only for developer phones and rooted phones. The only consumers that got the cupcake update, according to rumors and posts in our comments, were about 1,000 folks in the UK. But the past is the past so lets leave it there and figure this thing out moving forward.

According to numerous tips we’ve received and comments on our original “Official Cupcake Update Occurring” post, T-Mobile G1 owners in the United States ARE getting the update. A few of the tips/comments listed below:

From JonnyM:

9 am london uk. I have cupcake! Not a developer phone, update was ota. Writing this with soft keyboard. Interestingly there’s a new google talk button in applications but haven’t used it yet.


Got Cupcake when i woke up this morning here in UK, Leeds


I live in the UK and i got a system update this morning fone is now showing firmware version of 1.5, but i dont see any addition widgets – but Google Talk has appeared..


Hi UK T-Mobile user here. Just got the cupcake update OTA today at 13:57 (06/05/2009) I think. The phone started up with a different android animation (android text shining). Now got a camcorder option. Information showing the following:

Firmware 1.5
Build CRB17

So it appears as if our original post was right – except for the fact that it was rolling out to T-Mobile USA consumers. When will THAT happen? No clue… but I can only guess it will happen soon considering the above. For now… lets hear what our friends in the UK have to say about Cupcake…

I’m also not sure what the Google Talk thing is all about. He later messaged me back saying it was Google Voice and now I’m awaiting clarification. Anyone who wants to send in info/pictures/videos, we welcome them with open arms!