Mar 13th, 2009

A few days ago we announced our Phandroid/AndroidForums Haiku Contest to celebrate the launch of our Android Accessories Store. Well all the entries are in, the judges have deliberated and we’ve got our results:


First Place ($50): Silence

My Clean, Black G1.
More Than a Tool, A Best Friend…
I Should Get Out More.

Second Place ($25):Jeffrey Green

Bounce, pounce, trounce, them all
Google OS makes them fall
Android standing tall

Third Place ($25): Wendy

From Phandroid is more fun than
Buying high heels

Congratulations to the winners! I’ll be contacted you for your information so you can pick your prize and I can have it sent out. I want to say thank you to everyone who enetered. There were a lot of great entries and we had a tough time choosing the winner. Here were 3 we really liked but unfortunately, your unsung hero award is a $0 prize. Sorry but thanks for your awesome haikus!

Unsung Hero Award ($0):

lost on back roads, cold
no signs, no map, no helpers
follow blue dot home
– insight spinner

unleashed to the world
can you H-T-see me now?
stop staring at me
– khanvict

gone are endless nights
hunched low over my laptop
now i search reclined
– insight spinner

This definitely won’t be the last contest we do. There will be plenty of opportunities to win some great stuff so stay tuned!