Mar 16th, 2009

Android Developer Joey Sochacki put the latest build of Android’s Development Branch, more fondly referred to as Cupcake, onto his Dev Phone 1 and played around with some of the new features. Thankful for us he also recorded it on video and shares some insight:

According to Joey, this version of the Cupcake is pretty solid and within 2-3 weeks he feels like the Android team could (if they wanted to) have a version of the software that was more than suitable for the masses to consume. If that will happen is a completely different question. Check out the video and see the latest version of the software keyboard, live folders which is kind of a built in AnyCut and some other additions.

Joey asked me to drop a thanks to where he got some of the info.

NOTE: I’ve closed comments on this post so that Joey can field whatever questions people have on the topic at AndroidForums – click here to view/respond to the thread here.