Jan 26th, 2009

Introducing the brand new Phandroid.com design! We’ve been working on the design/coding for MONTHS and while not every detail is perfect right now, we couldn’t keep our secret any longer. We’re not the only one who has a secret… look at the trick the bot has been hiding:

That’s our brand new video intro on our brand new Phandroid YouTube Channel! Past Phandroid videos were on the MobileRoar YouTube Channel… MobileRoar.com is our brother site and they got a makeover too. Some would say sister site… but last time we said that we made this guy mad:

You’ll be able to see all our videos by clicking the Video link in the top navigation bar as well. The robot intro will be on ALL our videos so you’ll know whose bringing you the news no matter where you happen to see it. We have a LOT more planned and in store for Phandroid.com so stay tuned for even more updates… I assure you they ARE coming.

The other thing is our blue, winking phandroid robot doesn’t yet have a name… any suggestions?