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Remember the Zune Guy and Storm Dude, each of who got tattoos of their favorite gadget? Tell them to move over, the ranks of inked up obsessors have a new leader and it’s a babe boasting the Android bot:

The beautiful young lady above sporting the bot on her left forearm is Natalie “Kommodore” Thompson. According to the Engadget article where the pic made its “debut”, she endured the pain mostly to show support for the Open Source community and the little Linux penguin (Tux) came in second place to the beloved bot.

Yeah, we’re Phandroids and all but we don’t think we would go as far as getting a tattoo of the robot on our body. But we’re sure there are plenty of Phandroids out there who would like to Open Source her calendar and anchor down a lunch date, am I right? And I’m sure she would be more than happy to Open Source your wallet and feed your favorite credit card into the ATM-bot like all seductive, money loving women who only want one th…. oh, oh… sorry, did we say that out loud?

A few more pics for your perousal:

Anyone else doing anything crazy for the love of Android?

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  1. Loads of crazy people have bought a G1 just for the love of Android ;D

  2. I would like to pet her kitty also

  3. This is an electronic tramp stamp
    But i like her beaver

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