Jan 5th, 2009

As developers become more and more anxious to port Android over to devices besides the G1, chances are we’ll be seeing a lot more of these “Android Running On XYZ” kind of videos. While we won’t post about every single one – which would become really. freaking. boring. – we’ll bring you the ones we think you’d most want to see.

And with that, we present you with Android Running On The HTC Touch HD:

It is undoubtedly a Mr. Blurrycam Production and the hyped up music in the background is used to distract you from the fact that nothing is happening. But the fact that Android is ON the HTC Touch HD makes us salivate because it is a phone like THIS that most people want to see as the next (and first if they could go back in time) Android Phone.

A commenter warns that the above video could ACTUALLY be the HKC “dual boot” knock off phone so let us know in OUR comments if you see proof for one or the other.

Up next we have Android running on the HP 2133 netbook:

A nice little follow up to our Android Netbooks article, you can see that Android is actually being booted from the memory stick. It isn’t exactly optimized for the screen and doesn’t load with lightning speed and precision, but its a start.

[Via ModMyGPhone, UMPC Portal]

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