Extended G1 Battery: Get 15% More Juice


Are you sick of waiting for the Free Extended G1 Battery Rumor to materialize? If you’re constantly Androiding up your G1 and using the heck out of every application every day, you’re probably irritated by having to keep charging it up. And if you just can’t wait, Seidio is offering a battery that fits the G1 and provides 15% more charge than the default battery and it’s the same exact size.

We’re REALLY hoping that T-Mobile/HTC ante up and hook the early-Android-adopters with the extended battery and it isn’t a far fetched notion that they will: as noted by phandroid reader OrganizedFellow, in the comments, T-Mobile hooked Shadow owners with an extended battery in the past.

The Seidio G1 Battery costs a tad over $40 bucks and while I’d appreciate a free battery from TMO I would be willing to pay them that $40 if they could offer me more than 15% of an increase. Its an improvement, but not considerable enough to warrant a cost 25+ percent of the device’s initial cost.

So whatchya gonna do when the lack of a long lasting battery comes for you, Sulksters? What’s the battery situation looking like out there?

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  1. The idea that Tmobile will send us all a new battery is unfounded.

    First they would have to release a new model with this battery (a revision, if you will) and latter they would communicate that old customers wouild also get the new battery.

    So, if they don’t start selling phones if the new battery don’t expect them to give the batteries to us, old customers.

  2. I call TMO customer service on this issue.
    From what I got TMO cares less about the usage time on this phone.
    They hope the new upgrade to the firmware will fix the issue.

    There are (at least for mine) no batteries in the mail. not anytime soon. i could use my iPhone all day. My G1 I am lucky if I get 5 hours standby.

  3. I’m not sure I’d pay much for a 15% upgrade, but I would quickly pay t-mo $40 or more for a battery that doubles the life of my droid.

  4. A couple of months back I was contacted from an independant analysis company contracted by T-Mobile. I agreed to take the survey. It was online and there were several questions about battery life. It seems T-Mobile may be taking the complaints of the low battery life seriously. I think it’s a good possibility T-Mobile will give us a upgraded battery.

  5. 15-20% aint nothing. I need atleast 25-35% for significant improvement…im not even going to pretend to be amped about this. Even though i do commend the manufacturer for answering customer demands. Its not worth 40 bucks.

  6. Everyone, if every person who read this webpage will call TMO, they will send us new batteries…

    Call them now and ask to speak to a manneger…

  7. I’m RC33 and, if anything, battery life seems to have gotten worse. Especially if I try to do a simple google map search, have it find my location a few times, listen to one mp3 and my battery is in deep yellow. Try to make one more google search and it’s in the red. It is very annoying.

  8. Download “Power Manager” from the Android Market. It should still be free and it really helps extend battery life by automatically changing settings depending on battery level. This still may not extend the battery life to what you would want, but it definitely extends the battery life. I would easily say this app extends life by 25-30%. And, its FREE.

  9. They also do a larger battery that more than doubles the amount of juice at the expense of making the phone 5mm thicker. I use one in my G1. I wrote an app to record my battery level usage and then upload it to my site which then graphs it using RRD. You can see hourly, weekly and daily graphs at:

    The graphs aren’t static. They’re updated every 15 minutes.

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