Nov 8th, 2008

Huawei’s Director of Marketing for the terminals division – James Chen – recently announced that the company would be launching an Android Phone in the first half of 2009. Huawei is best known for low-end handsets and when you combine a struggling economy with the $Free Open Source Android, they could have a recipe for success.

Chen emphasized that the company saw many opportunities in the global mobile phone market, but lacked the funding needed to capitalize on them. The company’s first and only phone is based on Windows Mobile, but Android allows them to immediately achieve smart-phone level features and functions without affecting price.

Huawei isn’t out for brand recognition, either. They’ll build and customize their Android device and provide them to carriers who can brand them as their own, with the Huawei name appearing nowhere on them. To be honest, the combination of the economy and the capabilities of Google Android provide the perfect storm for a company like Huawei to arrive on the market and make an immediate impact. The opportunity is further magnified since Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG and other big names have failed to come to market and likely won’t until varying times in 2009.

Further information on the phone and/or the regions or carriers it might be developed for were absent. All we know is Huawei will have a phone in the first half of 2009. Well, its nice to know another phone will join the Android club… but it looks like we’ve got lots of waiting in front of us.

[Via PC World]

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