Nov 10th, 2008 publishUpdated   Nov 19th, 2008, 12:45 am

If increased functionality, more usability, and greater geekiness have any place in your mobile heart, this post is for you. Jay Freeman (a.k.a. Saurik)  has successfully ported Debian onto Android and the G1. Saurik is the guy that brought you (not us) Winterboard, Cydia, and Cycorder to the iPhone, so we know this is a fully legit claim.

Instructions are not for the faint of heart, although we’d suspect the faint of heart aren’t salivating over the notion of accessing the G1’s root file system.

Some readers may be questioning the usefulness of such a mod to an already open source operating system; however, at the moment the G1 and Android does not allow developers the right to access the down ‘n’ dirty of Android on the G1.

So, if you’re up for the challenge (which might be the only real benefit of this mod), use your deductive reasoning to find, and subsequently click, the read link.

[via ModMyGPhone]