Samsung is expediting new Galaxy Note 7 units after FAA statement


Samsung has some fire under their butts. After the FAA mulled over whether they would look to ban the Galaxy Note 7 from flights and eventually decided to simply strongly suggest users don’t use or charge the phone on flights, the company is responding to the regulatory agency with action.

Samsung has confirmed that they’ll be expediting new shipments of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 starting this week. While Samsung likely wasn’t far off from launching their full-scale recall program, an expedited shipment shows they want to get these issues under control as soon as possible before any further damage is done (to both the people buying their phones and their own reputation here).

We’re not sure if this expedition will bring about a faster launch for the exchange program overall, but it could give carriers and retailers a sizable buffer stock to ensure customers can get their phones replaced at the earliest possible time. In the meantime, stay tuned to Phandroid for more news on the rollout of the exchange program, as well as to your carrier and Samsung for news on the exchange process at their respective stores. Also be sure to back your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 up in anticipation of a new one.

[via Samsung]

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