UK retailer confirms the LG V20 won’t be coming officially but you can still get one


The LG V20 has finally been unveiled and will be making its way to various markets over the next few months beginning with South Korea at the end of September. However, LG has opted to go down the same route it did with the LG V10 and not offer the device in the UK.

This was originally reported by a Redditor who had reached out to LG Belgium, and now a UK retailer, Clove, has confirmed the news. Luckily, Clove will do what it did with the LG V10 and still make the device available for purchase. Details as to when the V20 will be available or how much it will cost aren’t known just yet, but if you live in the UK and were looking forward to getting the device, at least you’ll be able to.

As we did with the V10, we will be bringing stock in from Europe so you do not have to miss out. Yes, that means you can have a V20 and use it here in the UK.

At this time, we cannot confirm when we will have the stock or at what price, but rest assured, we will advise as soon as we can.

If you’re one of those folks that were looking forward to the release of the LG V20 and want to know when you’ll be able to get one from Clove, follow the link here and click “Notify Me When This Becomes Available”. LG hasn’t stated why it won’t be reaching out to the UK with the release of the LG V20 which raises a few eyebrows.



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