5 million Google Cardboard viewers have been shipped to date (and other interesting VR numbers)


Can’t believe virtual reality is currently enjoying a meteoric rise? While Google’s Cardboard isn’t the end all be all for VR, its success in the early going shows us that people are at least a bit excited for it. Google revealed that over 5 million Cardboard viewers have been shipped to date. Granted, many of those headsets are passed out in free promotions to help prop up edgy brands, but it’s still a pretty big number.

OnePlus VR cardboard headset

Google also revealed some other interesting numbers about VR consumption and content:

  • Cardboard apps have been downloaded over 25 million times
  • There have been more than 750,000 photos taken with VR Cardboard Camera
  • 500,000 people went on VR field trips to places like the White House and the Republic of Congo
  • 350,000 hours of VR viewing happened on YouTube

And it’s all only going to grow even bigger from here on out, especially now that Google has an entire division dedicated to VR and may even be thinking about developing some serious hardware. Big on VR? Let us know some of your favorite experiences from Google Play, YouTube and around the web in the comments below!

[via Google]

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