2 million #BellLetsTalk Tweets have helped raise over $1.8 million for charity today


Looking for a good way to contribute to a good cause? How about this: today is Bell’s annual Let’s Talk day, which the Canadian carrier uses to promote conversations about mental health. Their goal is to break the negative stigma and make it less taboo to discuss this very significant topic that affects many people each and every day.


So, how can you help? It’s simple: every Tweet today that includes the hashtag #BellLetsTalk will contribute 5 cents to a fund that Bell uses to contribute to Canadian mental health initiatives. There have been over 2 million such Tweets so far, which means people have raised over $100,000 by typing out a quick 140 characters.

And the Tweets only scratch the surface, with Bell donating another 5 cents for every text message sent or call placed by a Bell customer. Those particular actions have been made over 37 million times as of the time of this writing, which means bell has raised $1.85 million today. It’s not even lunchtime for some people yet!

Bell was able to contribute more than $6 million with this promotion last year, and the program has generated over $73 million in funding for mental health research to date. That’s a ton of money for charity without asking for direct monetary donations, and if all you need to do to help is send out a quick Tweet then it’s certainly worth the effort. You can find out more about the promotion right here.

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