Report: Google in talks with LG to build this year’s Nexus smartphone, not Huawei


Nexus 5 back 1

Details about how the Nexus 6 was conceived is still shrouded in mystery. With rumors last year that Google would effectively be killing off the Nexus line in favor of multiple high-end devices — all running stock Android — sold in carrier stores, Google seemingly made a U-turn. This was after the Android Silver project head made his sudden departure from the company altogether.

Now, as we look ahead to the next Nexus, early rumors began swirling that Chinese smartphone maker Huawei would take up the mantle, something we’ll admit we never saw coming. But before you got your hopes up (or down), a new report has emerged, suggesting that it could be none other than LG.

Apparently, Google engineers were spotted visiting LG headquarters in South Korea, where they took a tour of a few LG facilities responsible for building LG’s displays, OIS cameras, wireless charging parts, as well as LG’s own R&D facilities. Carrying the codename “N000,” (those are zeroes, by the way, not the letter “o”) the device — said to be a smartphone — could launch as the “Nexus 7.” Um… what?

Going by Google’s current naming convention, the number following a Nexus name has always denoted screen size — not generation. It’d be odd if Google suddenly switched gears confusing consumers in the process. So, that either means Google is looking to LG for a 7-inch tablet followup, or they’re launching a 7-inch smartphone (or not using the 7 name at all). If LG is making another tablet (and not a smartphone), then it’s still entirely possible for Huawei could be working on the actual smartphone. Confused yet? So are we.

As you can already tell, we’re getting a little bit ahead of ourselves here. In any case, LG is a major Android partner and has released quite a few Nexus devices to date, even more if you count their Google Play tablet. If rumors of an LG-made Nexus 2015 smartphone are true, would you guys be disappointed or overjoyed?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Nexus 6 on T-Mobile now receiving Android 5.1 (build LMY47M)

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  1. Anything made by LG rather than Huawei is cause to be overjoyed

    1. Just curious, what’s so bad about Huawei?

      1. You read it wrong brah, lol.

        1. Not gonna lie…I had to read it about 10 times out loud to get it….lol

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        2. I think you read it wrong.

  2. I’m very happy with my N5 so I’d welcome a N5 2015 from the source of the original. I knew I wanted to try out the Nexus program from the moment I saw an N4.

  3. Google engineers spotted at LG can only mean a nexus device? Really? It could be for a million reasons.

  4. Overjoyed Chris. Overjoyed.

    1. What does the Pulp Fiction dance scene have to do with anything?

      1. Who ordered the wet blanket?

          1. this was the most random post responses ever haha love it

      2. Away from the movie, pretty sure it looks like the happy dance. :)

    2. Ezekiel 25:17Ezekiel 25:17 – Pulp Fiction (3/12) Movie CLIP (1994) HD:

  5. I have owned every Nexus iteration and have to say quality was best with LG.

    1. Not Lemoto? I’m surprised.

  6. I can’t speak for the majority of the minority but, I would like to think that most people that owned a N5 were generally happy with it overall. Minor Android 5.0 annoyances aside, it’s held up quite well, as did the N4 to a degree. Another LG Nexus phone isn’t a bad thing. It would still be fun to see Huawei get a spin with it though. If for no other reason, cost. But then again, LG was a financial touchdown for my phone addiction. Also side note, seriously nobody saw the whole series naming thing becoming an issue? :-)

    1. My nexus 5 is okay I am not that happy with it. I never owned a phone before with this many types of battery drains. And to be honest stock android always feels like it’s missing something.

  7. Yyeeessssssssss

  8. Why not go back to using letters or words instead like Nexus S Or Galaxy nexus. Maybe change the game completely and bring out 3 nexus devices from 3 different OEMs for low mid and high range for example the nexus X, Y and Z?

    All I’m saying is change the game a little

    1. I think the only reason those two phones didn’t have numbers is because Samsung didn’t want to make a device called the Nexus 2 or 3. Something about Samsung making the “second” Nexus phone.

    2. It’s one phone, maybe two soon if rumours are true. What you want is GPe devices to return, which didn’t work out in the end. Most consumers don’t want options in Vanilla.

      The only reason the N6 does well with a high price is due to it being a top device hardware wise. Before the N4 there wasn’t as big a market for Nexus.

      The only way for Google to penetrate the market is to either subsidize or bring top end, no in between IMO. Plus they would directly compete with too many OEMs bread and butter.

      1. One of the reasons why gpe is the way the sold them. You could only buy them through the playstore (correct me if I am wrong). Most people don’t even know that you can buy hardware in the playstore. And the where never available outside the US.

        1. Correct. But I don’t think Google can pull the same trump card of the N6 with a low, mid, and high end device. It’s hard enough for them to handle 1 device on multiple carriers. I don’t want to imagine 3, they’d have to resort to an invite system like Oneplus.

    3. I could care less what the name is besides it being built to the care and quality deserving of the NEXUS affiliation. They may not all have been the Best Phone of the Moment, but most have been. Plus, always first to get updates before other brands. Who could ask for more?

  9. Here is my bad luck with obtaining Nexi:

    N1-Galaxy Nexus- too broke to afford.
    N4- Inventory Shortage, could not wait for restock of supply..ended up with GS3.
    N5- T-Mobile only carried the 16GB version no Wi-Fi Calling.
    N6- Was way too big for my comfort. Ended up with Sony Z3 (closest to Stock Android)

    Please oh please..just give me a Nexus 5 2015 with 32GB or 64GB carried by T-Mobile… I don’t ask for much!!!!! I dont care if…Apple made it..I must have one!!!

    1. The N1 was a POS anyways. I’m glad they’re going with LG again. Hopefully they make a bit smaller.

      1. No it wasn’t; it was the best Android phone of its generation by miles

        1. Buggy sofware and problems like dust under the screen, touch screen issues and body discoloration made me regret the almost $600 I dropped on it.

          1. Ricky, SERIOUSLY, I think you’re confused or you got the only NEXUS One that was a lemon because that phone was a beast for almost two years after I bought it. For the first six months after release, the other manufacturers couldn’t play even in the adjacent playground to the N1.

        2. I AGREE Infinity% with you lolwut. It’s not opinion, it’s verifiable fact.

      2. Ricky, did you mean the “NEXUS One” made by HTC when you typed, “The N1 was a POS anyways.” ? If so, I must say I’m shocked and maybe you’re confusing it with a different phone. It was wayyyyy ahead of it’s time and was one of the best reviewed Android phones of all time.
        If it was a typo, please ignore this post. Either way, thanks for the convo.

      3. I SAY THEE NAY! Lol. No issues whatsoever with mine, built like a tank, and STILL the only Nexus to really push the envelope AND have ALL of the Android hardware virtues (Unlocked, removable battery, top of the line specs, AND expandable storage!).

    2. So you’ve never had a Nexus? That’s the worst part. F5 button was the friend that got me my N4 and N5, I couldn’t justify an N6 purchase with my OPO working well.

      This year with the 7 inch screen the N6 will seem smaller and you can jump on board the Nexus train.

    3. You should’ve just ordered your N5 from the play store and then took it into a T-Mobile for activation.

      1. The deal breaker here was the lack of Wi-Fi Calling ..back then I lived in an area where there was minimal/almost non existent T-Mobile coverage..(things have changed now)

        1. I see. That is quite the deal breaker.

    4. Seeing you call the Nexus One a Galaxy Nexus.

      1. N1 – Galaxy Nexus..that means N1, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus. I know my Nexi. Thank you..

        Seeing you misunderstand my comment…

        1. I stand corrected!

  10. I’m not going to buy a nexus line product if they make the phone or tablet with a bad company like huawei, xaomi or HTC. I’m not gonna buy if its Samsung (stupid physical button, oversized and misplaced camera).

    1. So you only buy Sony, Moto, and LG then?

      HTC isn’t a bad company for hardware, and Samsung can easily drop the home button for Vanilla Android as on screen is the way to go and they have enough money to make a unique device for Google.
      Google could help Sony’s financial woes, but I doubt it.

  11. here’s hoping for nexus 5.1 / 2015. i mean if you look at how much better the nexus 5 was than the nexus 4… i’d rather have a 3rd gen refined lg nexus than a 1st gen by a new oem.

  12. I still like it as code Nooooo (letter o’s and not 0000… zeros) haha

    1. LOL. Paul they could have an entry level version made by Apple called the NEXUS NooB

  13. I don´t think that they are going for LG again. They have to give a chance to other OEMs. Huawei sounds a great deal to me, cheap, good hardware and willing to improve already what they have.

  14. Nexus 5 is by far the best nexus that came out

    1. Until the NEXUS 6 buddy. It’s just FANTASTIC

      1. agreed

      2. Too big, battery life is bad considering it has a huge battery

      3. Nexus 6 is not bad, but is it worth double the price of a N5? And 12 more months of development? I don’t think so.

  15. Motorola had horrible quality control for the Nexus 6, so I’m cool with any other OEM making the next Nexus at this point.

    1. Huh?

      1. Look at my response to Jk, who deleted his comment.

    2. what does that have anything to do with this?? i think its a well known fact that Moto is not in line for the next few Nexus devices. And my Nexus 6 has AMAZING build quality, WTF are you talking about?

      1. Well known fact that Motorola is not in line for the next few devices? This is well known by who? Where did you even get this from? What the heck even makes you think that the manufacturers for the next few devices have even been chosen already? Why are you even allowed to post?

      2. You can’t read very well, can you? First off bringing up Motorola is relevant since we’re talking about Nexus manufacturers. Second I said quality control not build quality, those are two different things. From my own experience, I’ve had two defective Nexus 6’s and defective Moto 360’s. I ended up getting a refund for my Nexus 6 and had to settle from the Note 4, and I’m still dealing with Motorola over my watch. Nexus 6 quality control is a semi-widespread issue especially when purchased from Motorola directly. Next time read before you respond.

    3. I actually said this right from the beginning when Motorola announced Nexus 6. they make shoddy hardware and this was apparent in the QC they had for Nexus 6.

      I got flamed so hard lmao

      1. I learned the hard way man. Everyone flames me every time I bring it up. It’s just popular right now in the Android community to have a hard-on for Motorola.

  16. As long as it isn’t $600 and 6″, sure.

    1. I completely agree! Get back to the pricing ways of the N4 & N5 days! Real simple!

  17. Who wouldn’t want LG over Huawai?

    LG is known to make bezels at a minimum due to their awesome screen tech. I can see a 7″ screen in an N6 body working out well, add in a bit of curve and you’re set.

    I’d prefer to see Sony make a Nexus phone tho, as they’re the last big OEM that hasn’t yet.

  18. I would love if LG made another one. My N4 and N5 were great to me. And I love the way they make their screens. My N6 is my favorite phone I’ve owned, Moto is awesome. However, I’d like to see Sony make a Nexus device.

    1. This ⬆⬆⬆⬆

      Sony should be next.. Their UI is as minimal as it can get without being stock if you ask’t be difficult….

      I know one thing.. It would take care of the bad cameras Nexi are known for…

      1. yeah, but they have like the worst icons ever.

        1. Good thing it’d be Google’s icons.

          1. yea i know, i was just commenting on his reference to Sony’s UI

        2. Horrible icons. Lol

      2. Sony Nexus. Yes! This! If the Fates have any mercy, it’s time for this!

        The best parts of Sony and Google could compensate for the other’s weaknesses–which have sometimes kept them from greatness; designed/engineered, proprietary/open, great cameras/cameras-that-suck, etc.

      3. The N6 camera, IMHO, is superior to the Note3 by far. It has some focus delays, but those are supposedly software bugs that ate being addressed in OS 5.1

      4. I’m not really tripping off camera quality. I can’t go lower than a 5.9″ screen now so I’m hoping the next Nexus will be large as well. I love Sony’s glass back design. While fragile, that was something I appreciated about my N4.

    2. Couldn’t agree more with the Moto comment Jesse. I am in shock at how much Moto has raised their game in the last year or so.
      Wait isn’t that when Google…
      Nah. Must just be a random coincidence. LOL

  19. Ohh N000, not LG!!! Why can’t it be Huawei!?

    /end sarcasm

    1. haha right where I’m at on opinions for this

  20. I’ve owned nexus 5 & 6 and have been pleased with build quality.

    1. I think you meant Nexus 4 & 5… Because the 6 was made by Motorola.

    2. Agreed sir

  21. Ugh Ugh Ugh


  22. Nexus 5 is fugly especially camera housing compared to Nexus 4. Hoping for new LG/Google Nexus that’ve improved upon the Nexus 4 design.

    1. don’t understand the hate for the camera on the Nexus 5….I love moving my index finger around the edge of it while I hold the phone. It feels so smooth and it makes an otherwise useless bit of aesthetic look better than on most phones where it is just a small square/circle with nothing special about it.

      My only gripe is with it sticking out a bit (and the quality of the photos needs to improve)

    2. What other $350 phone has a better camera?

  23. How bout an LG Nexus 7 with the same type of body as the nexus 5, 5 or 5.2 inch screen at 1080 p but maybe bigger battery or removable battery, and a 6 inch screen Huawei Nexus version and 2k screen.

  24. G4 with vanilla Android….MMmmmmmmm >_<

  25. Many don’t want a phablet including me so you’d think a new 5″ or so would happen that supports upcoming Google Wireless.

  26. I’d like to see Google reboot the Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 tablet for 2015. It would be great if they were all made by a single manufacturer. My personal preference is Sony.

    I have a N5 as my main phone and a Z2 Compact as a back up and I love both equally. I’d use the Z2 as my main phone if it were stock Android. But I will admit that the skin is very minimal and easy to look past.

    1. Why would they make an N4 and an N5? The N5 is pretty much an updated version of the N4.

      1. how’s that?

      2. they’re different sizes. Update them so that all the size queens are satisfied.

  27. Here we go again…
    The Nexus One wasn’t 1 inch
    The Nexus S (Nexus 2) wasn’t 2 inches
    The Galaxy Nexus (Nexus 3) wasn’t 3 inches
    The Nexus 4 wasn’t 4 inches
    Only the Nexus 5 & 6 matched their size.

    That said I can’t imagine that’d use the Nexus 7 name for phone… too confusing.

    1. Well actually I think the Nexus 4 meant 4.something inch the same way the nexus 5 and 6 size are right under their names. Its an approximate but you’re totally right, we won’t see a nexus 7 phone unless its about 7 inches which I would say will never happen but I also said we wouldn’t be getting a Nexus 6 in 2014 but a 2014 edition Nexus 5. I was wrong there……

      1. Nexus 4 was closer to 5″ than 4″. If they were naming by size, it would have been the Nexus 4.7 or Nexus 5. They called it Nexus 4 because it was the 4th Nexus phone. The N5 and N6 (the 5th and 6th Nexus phones) coincidentally matched their sizes.

        1. In logic I think you’re right. It really did sound silly to name it the nexus 4 when it was a 4.7″ phone but I still think they named it the nexus 4 based in its screen size and not its generation. They didn’t name the nexus 5 the nexus 4.96 or the nexus 6 5.95.

          Also the original nexus 7 predates the 4 was named according to it’s screen size. The nexus 4 was released at the same time as the 10 and it was also named according to it’s size. It really doesn’t sit and think the naming was a bit of an afterthought but really believe it was named 4 according to its size.

    2. If you’re referring to the article, and your post isnt a reference to someone else’s post, the article does specify that Googles “current” naming convention has always denoted the size. The current naming convention started with the Nexus 4 and 7. Ever since those, all Nexus devices have been, in fact, named after the screen size.

      1. I’m referring to the article. My point was Google’s naming convention for phones has *never* donoted size. It has always been the number. N5 was the 5th Nexus phone, coincidentally it was 5″. N6 is the 6th Nexus phone, coincidentally it is 6″. Tablets are a different story… it never made sense why they name phones one way and tablets another.

        1. As a matter if fact, they did denote size, which made naming the Nexus 4 what they did the perfect name. It was actually a combination of both. Case in point, Nexus 7.

          1. But the N4 wasn’t 4 inches, in fact it was closer to 5 than 4 (4.7). As I said, tablets always went by size.

          2. Right, but I’m sure you’d agree that calling it the Nexus 4.7 would be kind if silly. This works kind of the same way Android 5.1 is still Android 5. This is besides the point however. The Nexus 7 name does prove that the current naming convention is, in fact, in reference to size first and foremost.

          3. The Nexus 7 name proves the naming convention for *tablets* is size.

          4. So you think when they released the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 almost simultaneously they were using different naming conventions?

          5. Yes.

          6. Interesting.

            Fair enough :)

  28. Nexus 5 (2015) I hope

  29. Still wish sony would get a shot at a Nexus. Here’s hoping for a AOSP version of the Z4.

  30. Google had 2 top of the line tablets at the same time. It can’t be too ludicrous to assume they might be planning 2 phones. One that is sized appropriately for the cargo pants wearing crowd, and one that is sized appropriately for the tiny pockets crowd.

    If they did this, I would expect them to do it the same way as they did previously, different manufacturers for each device.

  31. Whether LG or Huawei, I’d love to see a 7″ smartphone. If Huawei, perhaps a play off of their new MediaPad X2. It’ll be my Galaxy Note 2 replacement.

  32. Noooo…. Don’t tell me this. I’m on a nexus 4, waiting for the LG g4 to be released. This would throw a major spanner in the works for me!

  33. Remaking the Nexus 5 with better internals, battery, and display quality (still 1080p!) is all people want.

    Keep the same design just change the internals.

    1. Same design, but just change the internals? This is what people want? Interesting that you say this…

  34. You Know what would be even better, One of them make 5.5 inc phablet other 8 Inc tablet…

  35. Would really love Samsung to have a go at this again, however this may now be impossible as they have the best hardware e.g. screens/wireless charging (all universal) and NFC payment (also universal)…therefore Nexus after that will have to be at least on par with Samsung’s latest hardware which no other OEM’s can match….such a shame. If not Samsung, then Sony – they still make beautiful phones.

  36. My only request: Front facing speakers!

  37. Google needs to chill the freak out. A 7 inch SMARTPHONE? No sir. LoL!! They outta line.

  38. Go back to smaller sizes. The N6 is ridiculous.

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