Nexus 6 on T-Mobile now receiving Android 5.1 (build LMY47M)



Nexus 6 owners on T-Mobile are now receiving their update to Android 5.1 Lollipop. The build number for the update — LMY47M — is actually different from builds we’ve seen rolling out previously, so hopefully nobody flashed those in an effort to get a jump on 5.1. The update weighs in at about 409MB and should hit your Nexus 6 any minute/day now.

Android 5.1 brings lots of smaller tweaks to Lollipop, with new “anti-theft” security features that prevent unauthorized use after a factory reset, new quick toggles, animations, a heap ton of bug fixes and VoLTE (WiFi calling is expected in a later update). If you haven’t received a prompt yet, you can manually check for the update by heading to Settings > About phone > System Updates > Check now. Good luck!


Chris Chavez
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  1. I been trying since noon where the news hit… Nothing yet… I been patient, specially with the new memory leak 2.0
    Im looking forward the most with getting calls via VoLTE, and that extra security. I’ve seen that there’s new updates to some of the apps… What extra new functions are hidden and waiting to be unlocked?
    I guess I/O will clear some of the road map, perhaps we are for a surprise.

    1. Are you using WI-FI?
      If not, give it a shot, since that’s the only way to get the download/update.

      1. Yep… I have wifi… But, I feel there’s a lag on the update or that too is in stages… Well… I have waited since the announcement of 5.1 and I will continue to wait…. At least I’m not going to wait like the Sammys and htc owners for their updates. N6 is my first nexus and I truly love it!

        1. N6 is my first Nexus too, and its been a horrible experience. Hope the update helps or ill be first in line for the M9. Sorry i traded in my M8.

          1. What has been a horrible experience for you? This is a well reviewed, amazing piece of hardware. I’m concerned you may have a lemon or a software issue of some kind.
            I’m sure we’d all like to offer help to any fellow Android user in need. Feel free to contact at [email protected] if i can assist buddy.

          2. Well amongst other things, setting a downloaded notification tone to a contact is impossible as far as i can tell. Not sure if thats a Nexus problem, or just an Android 5.0 problem. Excessive lag in some apps. If i open up the camera app and try to scroll before the camera opens, it freezes and i have to go back to the homescreen and try it again. etc

          3. For the ring tone to a specific contact… It was a bit badly implemented, because it’s buried… You have to go to the contact and then click on the edit and then go to the hamburger menu (three vertical dots) and then you’ll see the option to change the ring tone.

          4. Yea, i know how to change the ringtone. I set it and it dont stick. Plus after you select it, theres no way to tell if it was selected in the first place.

          5. For the lag…. It could be that memory leak bug that was ailing the 5.0.x version… Which is supposed to be solved in 5.1…however, there’s going to be a new memory leak in that version, which is internally been fixed… So we have to wait for 5.1.1…..for me, I loved N6.. It’s been a favorite… I’ve gone from: HTC Sensation, Galaxy S3, S4, and then decided on nexus… I was a bit apprehensive about the size… But, I love it and I won’t go down in screen. Marvelously design and love what Google did with lollipop.

          6. Ive only used HTC phones till now, and this one is making me regret switching. Wanted a Nexus, just shouldnt have gotten one made my Crapolla.

  2. sooooo… what am I missing if I have LMY47D instead of LMY47M?

    1. Means you got the D ?

      1. so then I should be happy ;)

  3. So no at&t yet huh? I can’t flash on my Chromebook so I guess I’m stuck on stupid

  4. i got my N6 like two weeks after a came out and here I am still waiting for the update. what the hell is the lag???

    1. You’re kidding right? I don’t mean that in any rude manner Mando, I promise. It just sounded a bit off since the NEXUS line gets updates before any other phone line.

      1. Robert, not kidding at all!! I got it because it actually worked with Verizon, but I’m still stuck on 5.0.1. I check like 3-4 times a day with no luck. I chatted with google help desk and was advises that they update is coming out in sections (which I knew), but when I hear TMO and other carriers are now getting the update, well that makes me scratch my head a little. I’m no dummy and I would like to say I know how androids work, yet alone a Nexus, and I know I can load it myself, but cmon man…how does google not send it over?! Maybe because I have a Verizon Sim in it? Idk…your guess is as good as mine.

        1. Good points sir

        2. The updates are now SIM controlled, yes. I wouldn’t think Verizon would request a hold on updating devices already on their network, but who knows.

          1. Chad…you think if I take the Sim out and try to update it would work? Guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

          2. For the Telstra Nexus 5 updates, people had to put in a prepaid SIM… It remembers the last SIM in the phone.

            Also, manually downloading the OTA to your computer and sideloading is not blocked.

  5. Still no Wi-Fi calling they really pooped the bed on this one

    1. they already said wifi calling is coming in seperate update soon

  6. I have a Nexus 5 phone and it got Android 5.1 OTA last week. Does anyone care about that since it is a Nexus 5 and not a Nexus 6?

    1. Yeah the factory image was released about 48 hours faster then the Nexus 6 also. I still have my n5. Holding on to it just in case….

  7. Still waiting, hope it comes soon. Hopefully will help with battery life.

    1. You may have a defective unit as i had proposed. The NEXUS 6 has had the best battery life I’ve EVER HAD on a Superphone and that comes from someone who switches phones almost as much as Chris Chavez, Quentin, and the Blue Crew.
      All joking aside, you really are supposed to see increased battery life with the update, but I still recommend you contact T-Mobile for a swap while you still have warranty. Be sure to let then know you’ve “cycled the battery multiple times” & “done several resets as well as testing out fir several days with no additional apps installed”.
      I know it’s a bit of fibbing, but it will save you tons of wasted time.

  8. Nexus owners are the whiniest owners there are….

    1. **NEXUS Envy** is a ? sad sad ? condition. I’ve heard Motorola has a Fantastic cure though. Ask for Formula 6. It should help out quite a bit Michael.

      1. As I’ve owned every nexus phone I’m assuming you’re not suggesting that I am envious?

        1. No I’m assuming you were kidding Michael. They weren’t all gems, but we are whiny. That is why we bought NEXUS. We want our updates fast and first with no BLOAT.

    2. If this were true then why do owners of other manufacturers handsets whine like children when a new release happens? “When is Samsung going to update MINE! iOS goes out at the same time for all their supported phones!” and they grab their pitchforks and torches. I think folks just wish it was a single push for new releases instead of this tweak 5.1 .. push it out .. tweak it some more .. push it out way they are doing 5.1. It’s a dumb thing to do but it’s also probably needed since the big four are still in the growing pain of switching everyone to VoLTE.

  9. My first android phone running better than Gingerbread and I’m loving the phone. Only things that could be improved are a bigger screen and removable battery. On T-mobile but no coverage in my area so waiting on wi-fi calling to let me make and receive calls. For now its one heck of a MP3 player. Looking forward to the improved battery life and faster performance. Sad news about the next Nexus being based on LG G4, which rumors say will have a 5.2-5.3 inch screen. Looks like I’ll be trapped on my Nexus until some brave manufacture has the stones to make a 6.1 inch or bigger screen. Luckily Nexus 6 should get several android updates so I have at least 3 years for the world to come to its senses and realize that an 8 inch phone can be made via bezel-less design on a body just slightly bigger than a Nexus 6.

    1. I haven’t read it, but you may want to see if Samsung is releasing a Galaxy 6 “Mega”.
      Or just get a Nexus 7 and use Hangouts calling.

      1. I need phone, not a tablet. Need that LTE, which Nexus 7 doesn’t have.

    2. How about you just use a Nexus 6 until it’s too slow or they stop releasing updates for it? It’s only 3 months old and the next Nexus is a ways away. I see nothing to be depressed about at all. I probably won’t even buy the next release. I sold my N5 specifically to get a 6 for the bigger screen. *shrug*

      1. No I agree with you and plan to own my nexus 6 into the ground. Its just said that Motorola likely won’t be the next Nexus maker because they’ve been killing it lately. Super premium designs, top spec hardware, and finally a phone that’s big enough to serve as a tablet. Hopefully by the time they stop updating the Nexus 6 their will be another Nexus phablet just as good or I’ll have to get a Note and see what all the fuss is about.

  10. Still waiting. Glad I didn’t update manually. I’m interested to see what, besides the Verizon files, are different in this version.

    1. I’m totally with you…. I have not rooted or unlocked the sim, so I have it as it came off the box…still have not gotten the update…. I’m in Florida.

  11. I still go nothing..

    1. Me either.
      FEED ME T-No.
      I need my MAGENTA Lovin’

      1. Typo. Was supposed to say “T-Mo”

  12. So all that hullabaloo about all nexus 6s having the same firmware and getting updated at the same time no matter the carrier was just that. It turns out that small print on googles site about updates possibly being delayed by carrier was the sad truth. I’m just wondering, if they’re doing different firmware by carrier how is this going to affect people switching around with their nexus 6? If you don’t have the special t-mobile firmware is that going to cause issues if you switch to them?

    Also, are these different updates dependant on where you BOUGHT your device, or the carrier for which you currently have a sim in?

    1. The fabled Verizon E build works wonderfully on my TMO bought Nexus 6. Just because they put out a new factory build with some tweaks for a carrier and take the opportunity to add fixes such as camera libs (E build) doesn’t mean that they are wholly different builds. You can grab the factory image you like … they work on every single Nexus6. The “tweaks” only come into play when you connect to the specific carrier those tweaks were added for. Make sense? In other words if you are on AT&T and flash the E build .. it’ll work just fine.

      1. But will it work AS fine as the build with specific network tweaks? And if so, what’s the point of the tweaks? I doubt the networks would add these things if they offered 0% chance of doing anything different or helping at all. Also besides flashing, what if you bought a different version, then later switched to t-mobile? Would your future updates be t-mobile versions or not.

        1. The OTA updates and carrier-specific services rely on checking the SIM card. If you have a T-Mobile SIM then you’ll get the T-Mobile OTA updates, assuming you’re using the T-Mobile firmware (OTA updates are version-specific, they can’t upgrade just any version). You can always change firmwares by getting the full factory image from Google’s Developer page.

  13. The bigger question is “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

    1. Many questions need to be answered…if the woodchuck from the US or Canada. Is the woodchuck wearing braces. Is the woodchuck a male or female….we just need more info.

  14. 3/23 10:26a…Florida…. Nada! Zilc…zero….Nothing…. No signs of 5.1
    Guess they decided to make it one huge shamu like update with wifi calling.

    1. Still waiting for my T-Mobile 5.1 as well. Dunno who exactly at T-Mobile started getting their 5.1 updates for their NEXUS 6, but I call BULLSH*T .

  15. I paid full price and purchased my Nexus 6 directly from Google SPECIFICALLY so I wouldn’t have to be beholden to my carrier (AT&T, for now) for whether/when I get OS updates or tied to a contract.

    I don’t understand WHY AT&T has any involvement or say in whether/when/why I get an OS update. The other thing that REALLY pisses me off is that I don’t have a Hotspot toggle on the quick settings menu, and apparently this is because the phone has to check the subscription status with AT&T or somesuch nonsense. So again…. I bought the phone from Google at full price and I chose to use it on the AT&T network, and now Google essentially cedes control over allowing features (e.g. Hotspot) and OS upgrades to my carrier.

    IT’S *MY* PHUCKING PHONE! Why does Google do this?

  16. 3/26…..day one! Yayyy!
    Got the update this morning at 9am….it took me a long time… It was 410mb long… Story short, lousy wifi… Incredibly snappy… Tomorrow will see about how is the battery holding… I got an app “Castro” that checks the phone and I can tell that those heads are working in unison… Responsive….and totally can see LTE where before I only got H… Took a while, but finally got it! ☺

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