Win VIP access to an unreleased Huawei device [CONTEST]



It’s not every day you get offered the chance to test drive a shiny new Android device before anyone else. But that’s exactly what Huawei, as well as your friends at Phandroid and Android Forums, are offering you. To help kick off their new Huawei Community forum, Huawei Device USA is giving away a limited number of invites to join their exclusive Friendly User Testing program, where you can help test one of their new devices before it’s even launched or announced!

Three ways to win:

We’ll have 5 lucky winners overall with 3 methods of entering.

(1) Share Phandroid with your friends!

Normally, Friendly User Testing is limited only to Huawei reps and partners for internal testing, but we have 3 invites to give away to lucky Phandroid readers. By far the easiest way to enter is with the below Rafflecopter sweepstakes, exclusive for Phandroid readers. Simply follow the directions in the embedded contest form below:

  • each task will earn you 1 entry
  • you’ll earn more for friends you refer!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(2) Are you the most deserving Android Fan?

The community at Android Forums is absolutely amazing- people are constantly helping each other out with troubleshooting, insights, tips, and great discussion. We want to reward the best of the best in the Android universe so we’ve reserved 2 prizes exclusively for Android Forums members.

Read the rest of the rules on the official contest thread.

(3) Join Huawei’s brand new community

That’s already 5 prizes, but Huawei will be giving away even more invites on their new Huawei Community! Simply head over there to get all the details.

Huawei Community members receive exclusive benefits like being able to test out the latest Huawei products, earning invitations to fan parties, participating in Huawei’s launch events, receiving information on the latest software updates, and of course — earning the opportunity to beta test new products before anyone. Huawei says even more benefits are coming soon, so be on the look out.

To keep up on all the going-ons of Huawei Device USA, you can follow them on their social media accounts linked down below.

Huawei Device USA: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | YouTube

What is the mystery device?

The FUT program is so top secret that not even Phandroid staff know what upcoming/unannounced devices will be included. But we do know three things:

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  1. ah this would be a really cool trip!

    1. Not a trip… they will ship the device to your front door (assuming you’re granted access to the program and play nice with them).

      Did the picture/wording make it seem like a trip? Perhaps we should update the way we phrase the title…

      1. I seen tickets, contest and got excited haha. it really does make it sound like you are sending someone somewhere. I need to slow down!! Thanks Rob

      2. It did seem kinda like a trip how you guys had it layed out but since I saw Android Police doing the same type of thing I figured it wasn’t a trip here.

  2. WaaWaaayyy

  3. Can’t wait to see what the phone is

  4. i hope i’ll win :)

  5. Lets see if I can win this psuedo-random contest

  6. Good luck everyone!

  7. If this is a phone, I hope it works with all major networks. It’d be sad to win, only to find that I needed to pay the Verizon Tax (or whatever) to actually use it.

  8. Nice!

  9. cool! Good Luck Everyone!

  10. I want one !! Sweet deal

  11. Love to win!!!

  12. Would be sweet

  13. I wanna win!

  14. Ah, having a phone besides SAMMY or MOTO, would be fresh!

  15. This would be a great contest to win.

  16. Interesting way to hype up a new phone, Willy wonka style.

  17. My S3 sux!!

  18. Good luck to everyone. I’ve been using an unreleased Huawei device for the past few weeks and it’s not bad at all. The battery life is very impressive, if not amazing. I don’t believe my device is the same one you’ll get a chance to win though, it’s even better! Good luck!

    1. How fast is the spy chip? j/k

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  19. Comment

  20. I’d love to test out a product. It’ll make my Zmax look even more cheap! ;)

  21. I’d love to win so here’s my comment entry

  22. i want to win, nay, NEED to win… ol’ nex4 is slowly dying….

  23. Cool. I’ll join in the fun

  24. comment

  25. Would love to get this device

  26. Hopefully I can finally switch to a new OEM sooner rather than later ;)

  27. hope I win a chance!

  28. I just need this. I had a beautiful Nexus 7 Tablet up until a week ago. It stopped booting. It’s less than two years old. My HTC M8 warranty ended 3 days ago, and now my device magically gets 3 hours of battery life at a time. I really need this. I know it is a raffle. But I’ve tried everything to save my n7 2013, and it wont boot past ‘Google’ not even after a wipe. It also won’t boot into recovery. It is doomed. I’m ready to start my next act of android devices, because I will never go apple. #GoAndroidOrGoHome

  29. I’m in the mood for some Chinese

  30. I want!

  31. That Huawei watch is sexy! (sorry Kevin)

  32. Yo yeah

  33. nice!

  34. Honestly I’ve kinda been hoping to see a really nice Huawei tablet

  35. Good chance to see what Huawei could have in store for a potential Nexus phone

  36. I want that watch so bad!

  37. I really want them to get more popular in the US.

  38. Win win win that sexy watch

  39. One for me, please!

  40. Omg please let me win this. I will test this phone like nobody’s business

  41. thanks

  42. Thx!

  43. PIck me!

  44. Hope it is the watch

  45. Good luck everyone!!

  46. comment

  47. This would be awesome cause i am always behind in tech :

  48. “Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of, who do the things that no one can imagine.”

    So, i have a 2 suggestions, the one about the battery is new and i never read that idea anywhere. thanks.

    A) improved camera B) improved battery
    The Camera.
    a)Despite of the trend of going 13+ MP, what helps to improve the picture quality is optical stabilization. We don’t need bigger resolution if the photos we take with 8-10-13 MP are fine. Yes, that is the truth. Most consumer won’t even knoiw what it is, but they actually don’t care. What consumers care is the result: the “WOW”. And O.S. makes the WOW in most cases, low light, action, and so on. The U.I. of the cameras works great. But improving the camera capabilities as said before would require an optional improved U.I. option for those who care about learning to take better pics. Take a look at the “Manual Camera” app, with the option of working on .raw files offered by 5.0. We really don’t need 4K, surely we don’t. What we need is optical stabilization. That is what it needs. Try with an improved optics set: i.e. together with fujifilm, or canon, or nikon. As they are swimming in bad seas, they could find a new niche in the mobile sector by working with a great Brand like Huawei and supply for them custom optics and O.S. systems.
    b)as what the flash concernes, since the day i use a smartphone i have never took a pic with the flash. And i work with mobile pictures. So, everyone who understands what i am saying, he knows. Trust me.

    The Battery.
    Simply as it is: the battery is and will be a concern. But we don’t need bigger batteries, we need them to be faster to charge. Still, many users will have the issue of the battery.

    My suggest is: try to make a battery that charges itself in the phone.

    Like the belts that are out there, that use the movements of the body to charge a battery in them that then we can plug to the device and charge it? why not build in the phone a small device that charges the battery, at least for very small amounts, but all the time? A small gravity system, like a small ball that goes up and down in a tube build in the phone. if i shake it for like 1 minute, the ball connected to a small dynamo, provides battery enough for a call or some texts… or a bigger gyroscope that charges small amounts of battery all day long while having my device in my pocket, every move i make creates a very small amount of charge, but all day long… the device should not be bigger, but smarter. i have an amazing flashlight that i can charge by shaking it for like 1 minute, and then it works for 5. i never have to think about batteries or charging. NEVER. why not starting a project like this for a great phone, with a great camera, selfcharging, or shake-induced charging.
    from italy,

  49. Hope I win one

  50. I really hope I win this because iv always wanted to do a review of one of there devices. Iv always liked there devices and have wanted to try one out. Hopefully ill have the chance to.

  51. This is a pretty cool giveaway.

  52. pick me!

  53. I want one!

  54. This would be so cool.

  55. Even if it isn’t the new Nexus, I’d like one…I think Huawei will be a big player in the next few years.

    1. Most likely they will. This is a really good promotion to get people thinking about them. Let’s all hope that they at least give some good competition for Samsung.

  56. This is a really neat setup!! I like!!

  57. cool

  58. I have an amazing imitation blackberry, but I think it’s time to move in the Android world. Can’t live without data.

  59. huawei’s smartwatch is looking so dope, cant wait to see their next device.

  60. This sounds cool. I love testing new devices.

  61. What if this is to test the next nexus?

  62. I’ve actually been following Huawei for awhile, and keep ‘almost’ buying one of their devices… Can’t imagine how any other new vendor in the mobile market manages to get by without that past ‘cred’.

  63. Oh heck yes.

  64. I like to try new things!!

  65. Here’s to winning!

  66. Even its only 45 days that is still 45 days to test a phone that will be much better than my current one.

  67. Interesting, definitely looks like something I’d like to get in on.

  68. I love a good mystery!

  69. I wanna be a Huawei beta tester so badly

  70. Commenting..hope i win

  71. I am looking forward to winning one of these! I hope its the new MediaPad X2!!!

  72. I’d love to try something out!

  73. This is gonna be fun. I’d like to be a part of the development process.

  74. entering raffle, which phone will it be ? nexus huawei?

  75. yes i won!!!!!!!

  76. This is a comment

  77. I’m sketchy of your give aways ever since one of your sister sites didn’t deliver the goods during the holiday giveaway.

    But I guess I can still trust you guys, I hope.

  78. I have horrificly spammed all of my friends/followers.

  79. Hope I win something cool!!

  80. Huawei is so awesome

  81. Lets win!!

  82. I’ll be a tester.

  83. Comment!!!

  84. winner

  85. Sounds good to me!!

  86. Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee<3

  87. Here is my comment.

  88. This is such an amazing opportunity. Good luck everyone!

  89. I’ll try it out!

  90. I’m really intrigued by Huawei’s custom silicon and interface. Hope I get a chance to try it out!

  91. yes!!

  92. I’ve never used a Huawei device before. This has piqued my interest

  93. This will be interesting to try a device from Huawei.

  94. I’ve never used a Huawei device before, sounds interesting

  95. Sounds like a good idea!

  96. Yet another “hope I win” comment.

  97. Another contest I won’t win

  98. This is getting old…. Sign me up

  99. Free is always good especially from a company that puts out great products.

  100. Android is such an amazing platform

  101. Here’s hoping

  102. I’ve always liked getting new toys.

  103. Interesting to see what this will be!

  104. I always like free phones.

  105. thanks for the chance

  106. Hope I get the chance to test this thing. I’m sure it’s gonna be a massive release when it goes to retail and would love to help shape that.

  107. This is so EXCITING

  108. Next gen devices for us!

  109. Yes!!! I hope to be testing your Device Huawei!!

  110. Poor student ftw?

  111. Looking forward the the New Nexus by Huawei!

  112. Should be interesting.

  113. I cannot think of anything smart to post so here is a kitten

  114. Always looking forward to the newest phones being released.

  115. hi there!

  116. Pick me!

  117. Would love to see what all the Huawei-hype is about!

  118. I’ve been watching Huawei anyway so perfect timing.

  119. Love to test new devices!

  120. I would love to test a new Huawei device!

  121. What a great opportunity to be among the first to use a device like this in the real world! I’d put it through its paces!

  122. I am so excited and cant wait to try your next products! That watch also looks pretty fun!

  123. Thanks for the opportunity!

  124. Always wanted to be a part of the testing community

  125. Interesting, what device?

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