Mar 4th, 2015

huawei nexus

The rumors about the next Nexus device never really stop. Last week we wrote about a rumor suggesting that the next Nexus will be made by an unlikely manufacturer: Huawei. They’ve just surprised us with a gorgeous smartwatch, and now it looks like they could be the next Nexus maker. As Mugatu would say “Huawei, so hot right now.”

The latest rumor comes from Gizmochina, which is based in Huawei’s backyard. They are reporting that this rumor has been “confirmed” by Kevin Yang, the director of China research at iSuppli. Of course, nothing is “confirmed” until it’s confirmed. The choice to go with Huawei would make a lot of sense if Google is looking for a greater presence in China. Xiami and Huawei made huge gains in 2014.

A Huawei-made Nexus would likely do great in China, but how would it do here in the US? Most people here don’t even know how to pronounce Huawei (it’s wah-way), let alone trust them enough to buy a phone. We don’t really know how well Nexus devices sell here anyway. There might not be any significant difference in the US, but the possibility for huge gains in China.

Would you be interested in a Huawei Nexus device?

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