Here’s how wireless charging on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge works [VIDEO]


Samsung GalaxY S6 wireless charging DSC08674

Any tech-obsessed being with an inkling of a pulse knows about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by now. They look awesome, they’re built with glass and metal, they’re very powerful and have cutting edge features.

One of those cutting edge features is wireless charging. It’s not new in its own, per se, but Samsung is the first to be using a new dual-mode charging technology that lets you use two of the world’s top wireless charging standards simultaneously (that being WPC’s Qi and the technology made by the now-joint AW4P and PMA). That means there’s no need to worry about whether a wireless charging pad you already own or one you see at a public venue is compatible with your phone — just drop it on and you’re likely good to go!

We tested the device out on Samsung’s Qi-based charging pad at Mobile World Congress, and it works quite well. It charges at a rate of 2 amps so it won’t take forever to get some juice, and the surface area is large enough for the phone to recognize the charging current without it having to be perfectly positioned on the charging pad.

It’s our hope that Samsung’s use of the new technology inside the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will inspire more companies to adopt it in their upcoming smartphones. Let’s do away with the need for special cases and back covers to equip phones with wireless charging as standard, because this all-encompassing technology wipes away the need to worry about all the pitfalls that once accompanied it. Check it out in the videos you see above.

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  1. It charges at 2 amps? I might have to get one then. It’s normally less than that right?

    1. My S3 charges wirelessly at around 750ma so yes this sounds like it charges much faster.

    2. My N5 charges much more slowly with the wireless charger than it does with a wired 2A charger, so on wireless it’s got to be way less than 2A.

  2. Oooh I see, so it charges just like every other single wireless charging phone. Gotcha. sheesh, and here I thought i was going to miss out on something if I didn’t read this post.

    1. It uses two of the most popular wireless charging standards built in. That’s nothing to sneeze at and it’s not very common among today’s current flagships.

      1. Somehow “the most popular wireless charging standards” and “not very common” seem to be in deep conflict — almost like Yogi Berra’s “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded”.

        1. Without context, you’re right it does look odd.

  3. What junky charging pads have you been using that you think it’s hard to find the charging spot? Use any of the Qi ones on the market with triple coils (most of them) like the ones from Choetech, etc. Anyways, prove that it’s charging at 2000 mA with a charging monitor app. I bet it’s not. I thought the max for Qi was around 1100 mA and I usually only see around 760mA with my S5 (+ lame official Qi charging back from Samsung).

  4. I somewhat agree. It does seem gimmicky, however, my current S4 has connection issues with the cable. I have to prop the phone up to put pressure on the cable for it to charge. My thought is that wireless charging would keep the cable connection from deteriorating as quickly. Gimmicky? yes. Is there a use? for the right price, i think so.

    1. So. The wireless pad requires to be placed somewhere flat and you can’t lift your phone to use it while charging… I hear what your saying about connection problems with cables but if you can’t lift your phone to check msgs etc what’s the point just be more careful with the cable.. I’ve had my s4 for 2 years and had two cables in that time. Dog ate the first one…

      1. Yeah, im not disagreeing with you. If i had extra cash and this phone, i would buy it to put by my bed at night. No other good place…like you said, it would never charge due to checking phone

        1. I would do the same, just leave it next to my bed. my galaxy s4 also has connection problems with the charger so this would come in handy

      2. I understand your problem, but they do make standing charging pads that prop the phone up. There are some that flip between flat and upright as well. It’s not the perfect solution but it’s a decent workaround.

        1. So reading in bed with a dead battery you hold your wireless charger and your phone? I just don’t get this fad. Unless the room you are in charges any phone in the room, you are not truly wireless. It is almost as if ‘wired’ charging is the evolution of ‘wireless’ because where before you had to remain still to charge your phone, now you can move in a 6 ft diameter. Progress!

          1. Like i said it’s not the perfect solution but it works for some individuals. You just have to see if it fits your lifestyle. If it doesn’t don’t buy it. For some people it’s a good solution, for others not so much. There are pros and cons with wireless charging just as there are with cabled charging. Up to you to decide. For me my battery doesn’t die when I’m in bed so I’m good on the scenario you described.

          2. Starbucks has wireless charging at some stores in SF. Place the phone on the table while you juice your phone a little no need to carry a wire. Taking a shower place it on the charger take it off when you are ready to use the phone again. Life breaking no but an added convenience yes. Its not all or nothing.

          3. Wow really? It’s not like they are saying you can only charge it wirelessly. You can still plug it in. I use my wireless charger when I’m not using my phone and it’s sitting on my desk. Therefore I hardly ever have a dead battery. But of course I still have to plug it in sometimes, although very rarely.

    2. I have the same problem with my cables, also for my S4.

  5. If this is going to be a big deal for you just don’t purchase a charging pad and dont use the feature… Just charge your phone with the cable provided….

  6. What’s going on with some of these comments needing mod approval?

    1. They are clones of users who comment on this site. One of them is a cloned account of me. This guy who goes around on tech sites and cheerleads for Apple, if you make him upset enough hell clone your account and comments on the sites he sees you on, usually interrupting your conversations using said cloned account, basically a cyber bully.

      Here’s a list of his accounts. He hates it when I do this lol.

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      disqus com/by/LetTheBallsRolll/ (the fett clone)

      1. Ah, gotcha. Yeah I saw some other weird stuff going on. Like the other week one of my comments had like 200 up votes from “guest” accounts.

        1. Probably him if you said something negative about Samsung or Android.

          1. I searched for it and it was a criticism at HTC for not being able to design a phone with front-facing speakers but with the smallest bezel possible. I cited Motorola as an example.

          2. I have a feeling JK will be his next clone, he’s pretty good at squashing the apple fanboys.

          3. Ah JK. Dude’s all over the place. Every article I come across on Phandroid he’s there sharing his thoughts. Ole reliable.

      2. Wow. How pathetic. His life must suck.

        1. Yea, stupid trolls.

  7. I miss my Pre and TouchStone. The magnets ensured the device oriented correctly and the angle was perfect for glancing at the screen. RIP Palm and webOS.

  8. Will this charge over a case or does this mean, I CANT have a case on the S6?

    1. My S3 wirelessly charges through an otterbox defender so it will probably be fine.

  9. It warms my heart to know that the US carriers probably won’t be able to ass this up in the name of driving accessory sales. Having a sealed battery means they will be much less likely to be able to hack the wireless charging capability out of it, IMO. I guess they could force Samsung to code it out of the software or something, but I’m not sure how they’d monetize that.

  10. Wow. Up to a 2 amp charge rate?

    I remember asking someone to wake me up when wireless charging could finally charge as fast as wired, and I guess we’re there, because I’m awake. :)

    And while inductive charging isn’t as efficient as wired, it’s probably near 80%, so you only lose 20% to heat for the convenience you gain. Qi doesn’t outright say how efficient theirs is: http://www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com/technology/total-energy-consumption.html

  11. I love how the industry is treating wireless charging as a new thing just because of the S6. Samsungs wireless charger doesn’t look like it has magnets to align the phone.

  12. Been using it on my G3 since last year. A little late aren’t we, samsung?

    1. SAMSUNG had this since S III I believe. Had to replace the battery door and wasn’t in built. Lol haters cus they ain’t us

  13. Is that a phone or a fingerprint magnet? It seems you shouldn’t design anything to be so shiny if people are going to be touching it all the time. Otherwise it comes off looking like sh!t.

  14. I know that it’s been stated that the Samsung wireless charger doesn’t have a magnet. But do we know if the S6 has the magnetic (not magnet) metal piece inside? I’m asking because I use one of those magnet car mounts.

    1. It’s this one. I suppose one with built in Qi charging would be pretty awesome.


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