Google might have accidentally released a new “Interactive Events” app in Google Play


interactive events app

Someone at Google’s Mountain View headquarters may have jumped the gun on publishing a new app Google is working on. It’s called “Interactive Events,” and at first glance it appears to be a second-screen app that’ll give you more information about whatever event you might be attending.

For something like Google I/O, you might get an event code or QR code to scan before the keynote and get biographies and speaking notes from any of the keynote speakers in attendance. It sounds like it’d be a pretty neat tool to make sure you have all the info you need about the events you’re attending.

There’s just one problem: the app seems to be unfinished. Upon downloading it from Google Play we’re met with the following dogfooding dialog box:

dogfood interactive events

Dismissing the dialog and accepting the app’s terms of use takes us to a menu to scan a QR code and enter an event code, but we obviously don’t have any valid codes to see what lies beyond that. A couple of screenshots from Google Play give us a decent idea of what to expect for now, but we’ll have to wait until Google clears things up to get a look for ourselves.

google interactive events

Download it if you want, but it’s pretty useless right now and we’re hoping some light is shed on it before too long.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The first rule of Interactive Events is DO NOT TALK ABOUT INTERACTIVE EVENTS!

    1. lol oops

    2. “discusses externally”

  2. Also, charge your damn battery.

  3. I only downloaded the app do I could see the dog food reference. I was not diasppointed

  4. I wonder if its like the Guidebook app that some conventions and conferences use.

  5. : where we break ask the rules

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