Mar 10th, 2015

Samsung GalaxY S6 wireless charging DSC08674

Any tech-obsessed being with an inkling of a pulse knows about the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by now. They look awesome, they’re built with glass and metal, they’re very powerful and have cutting edge features.

One of those cutting edge features is wireless charging. It’s not new in its own, per se, but Samsung is the first to be using a new dual-mode charging technology that lets you use two of the world’s top wireless charging standards simultaneously (that being WPC’s Qi and the technology made by the now-joint AW4P and PMA). That means there’s no need to worry about whether a wireless charging pad you already own or one you see at a public venue is compatible with your phone — just drop it on and you’re likely good to go!

We tested the device out on Samsung’s Qi-based charging pad at Mobile World Congress, and it works quite well. It charges at a rate of 2 amps so it won’t take forever to get some juice, and the surface area is large enough for the phone to recognize the charging current without it having to be perfectly positioned on the charging pad.

It’s our hope that Samsung’s use of the new technology inside the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will inspire more companies to adopt it in their upcoming smartphones. Let’s do away with the need for special cases and back covers to equip phones with wireless charging as standard, because this all-encompassing technology wipes away the need to worry about all the pitfalls that once accompanied it. Check it out in the videos you see above.

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