Rumor: ‘YouTube Music Key’ is Google’s upcoming $10 a month subscription music video service, will include Play Music All Access

YouTube Music Key screenshots

We’ve heard talk of Google launching a YouTube-based subscription service since last year, but today it looks like we could finally be getting a little closer to an actual launch.

According to a new report, Google will soon launch their music streaming service under the brand “YouTube¬† Music Key.” Music Key will not only allow users to download music videos to their devices for ad-free offline playback, but enable background audio and audio while a device is sleeping. Although YouTube Music Key will require a $10 a month subscription (after an initial 30-day free trial), it actually comes free with a subscription to Google Play Music All Access (which will soon find itself rebranded as Google Play Music Key).

In addition to regular music videos found on YouTube, Music Key will also put a big focus on content like covers, remixes, and live concert material — all the good stuff YouTube is known for. We’re guessing YouTube’s newly launched Music Vault channel will help with that.

It’s still unclear exactly when Google plans to launch the new YouTube option, but we have a feeling things are getting close. While we think it sounds like a 1-2 punch for music fans, we’re not sure how consumers will take to prospect of all-you-can-eat music and videos. Google Play Music All Access already offered a tremendous value in of itself, but failed to catch on against rivals like Spotify or Rdio. Will YouTube music videos be the key to unlocking consumers’ wallets?

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  • CGS

    Sad that All Access doesn’t seem to be more popular as I freaking LOVE IT.

    • Ali Ali

      I use spotify because of its $5 a month student discount.

      • whirly89

        Can’t be a student forever :P

        • J Cav the Great

          Yeah you can..I know dudes who live off of financial aid….

          • Jurk

            Kindly beat them.

    • Elijah Lynn

      There are massive advertisements for Google Play All Access in Times Square, NYC. There are three colleagues at my office who use it too. It is getting much more popular as the days go by.

  • blest

    I’m okay with this

  • Derek Ross

    Am I the only one that does not care one single bit about this? I’m already a Google Play Music (Key) All Access subscriber. I have no need to use YouTube’s variant of this.

    • Chris Chavez

      Sounds more like a BONUS or incentive for those looking towards music-only streaming, not the other way around. I’m trying to get excited about offline videos or turning off my display and listening to music, but I have that now with Viral app and Spotify. Lol

      • spicymeatball

        Yeah this seems to be a sweetener for Google play music all access. We really need some shorter names for this stuff. Is there a free version like Spotify and Pandora offers? Kind of strange that Google doesn’t have a free ad supported music streaming app.

        • CGS

          Or at least more competitively priced. I just pay for it through carrier billing so I don’t have to think about it, it’s kinda pricey but for me it’s worth it, and so far has introduced me to more new music I like than some of the other services I’ve used.

    • KOLIO

      One of the rumored benefits is access to more music that’s not available on ALL ACCESS,such as live performances/etc….
      As long as nothing is lost from ALL ACCESS,I’m OK w/it.
      That,& us early adopters of ALL ACCESS get to keep our discount.

      • dave0611

        This, as long as we get to keep our discount for getting in early, I’m good with the change.

    • McLabia

      As long as it is music AND YouTube, thats fine. If not… Meh.

    • guitarist5122

      No, I’m sure a majority don’t care too much. I know I’m with you; don’t care a bit. However, I’m not one to fuss about or turn down free service since I’ve been an All Access subscriber

    • Elijah Lynn

      I care, I have a Chromecast and really love watching music videos in a playlist. Can’t wait for people to start sharing ad-free music video playlists!!

  • scoter man1

    This won’t be enough to save me from switching to Spotify with student discount after this month, especially with the limit of 4 device deactivations per year.

    • spicymeatball

      Don’t forget that you can have 10 devices total. In theory that allows you to add 14 devices per year which is your objective. Who cares about deactivating?

  • pmug
  • No_Nickname90

    Wait, so the Music Video subscription comes with Google All Access? So if you already have Google All Access, you don’t get the Music Videos?

    I would kinda like to save my $2. I got All Access back when it was cheaper. Not to penny-pinch, but… yea. =.3

    • ljhughes8

      me to. I was thinking about that.

    • mcl630

      If you already have All Access, you’ll get this new service too.

    • Elijah Lynn

      Nothing has been announced yet, this is all speculation. Nobody knows for sure.

  • Sean

    Clever pun at the end there. My personal take would be no, to answer that question. The reason I don’t use Google play music is because it’s the buggiest service I’ve ever tried. I have a Sony phone so I can use Walkman, a better looking and more functional player, along with Sonys music unlimited. Just as big of a library,if not bigger, without all the errors. And did I mention it looks a lot better?

    • uniquename72

      I use Google Play, but you’re right – the UI is terrible.

      I used to use it a lot more, but got too frustrated when they removed some of the List views and turned then into GIANT THUMBNAIL views. Just like Googe+, it’s a HUGE waste of screen real estate on my phone.

    • Steve

      I have google play, im on a nexus so I dont have bugs. But the UI and search etc is bad. I really dont see music videos being a major upgrade. Be nice if they provided movies on youtube like a netflix sub.

      • Sean

        Well you’re lucky. Phone don’t matter, I had a nexus 5 as recently as last week and play music was giving it serious issues. Wouldn’t download at all for days.

  • Guest

    lol stupid name. Why didn’t they just call it Youtube Music Plus Buzz?

    Oh well, who is going to pay to remove ads when you can do it for free anyway?

    • uniquename72

      All music is available for free, yet people still pay for it.

      Your comment makes no sense.

  • Andrew torres

    Does anyone else think 10 bucks is a bit much for music with no ads? Maybe more like 3.99 or 4.99 would be better….I’d hop on this if it was half of what they are trying to push. I found Youtube very good at setting up party music with its playlists, if the ads didnt show up every time. Great way to throw a mix of music…

    • Elijah Lynn

      I don’t think it is too much at all and will gladly pay it. Finally I can have a MTV/VH1 from the yesteryears but only better, no ads and on demand!

  • Itchy_Robot

    I wonder how this will affect YouTube radio stations like KEXP and KCRW? Right now I have tons of live mini concert sessions coming in through my Chromecast and love it. I hope these concerts don’t get pulled into the new mixup. Because right now they are free, and a huge part of my YouTube/Chromecast usage. It’s a great way to get to know new bands that I would otherwise never hear about.

  • JRomeo

    what will happen to the people who search for music videos on youtube today? but don’t want to pay tomorrow for that same feature?

    • spicymeatball

      I think they get commercials and can’t take any of it offline!??

      • JRomeo

        sounds good to me.

    • Elijah Lynn

      The same thing they get now, lots of advertisements.

  • TDN

    Google, this is great and everything, but where is your movie subscription service? I would gladly give you more of my money for unlimited movies and TV access…