Aug 18th, 2014

YouTube Music Key screenshots

We’ve heard talk of Google launching a YouTube-based subscription service since last year, but today it looks like we could finally be getting a little closer to an actual launch.

According to a new report, Google will soon launch their music streaming service under the brand “YouTube  Music Key.” Music Key will not only allow users to download music videos to their devices for ad-free offline playback, but enable background audio and audio while a device is sleeping. Although YouTube Music Key will require a $10 a month subscription (after an initial 30-day free trial), it actually comes free with a subscription to Google Play Music All Access (which will soon find itself rebranded as Google Play Music Key).

In addition to regular music videos found on YouTube, Music Key will also put a big focus on content like covers, remixes, and live concert material — all the good stuff YouTube is known for. We’re guessing YouTube’s newly launched Music Vault channel will help with that.

It’s still unclear exactly when Google plans to launch the new YouTube option, but we have a feeling things are getting close. While we think it sounds like a 1-2 punch for music fans, we’re not sure how consumers will take to prospect of all-you-can-eat music and videos. Google Play Music All Access already offered a tremendous value in of itself, but failed to catch on against rivals like Spotify or Rdio. Will YouTube music videos be the key to unlocking consumers’ wallets?

[Android Police]

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