Xbox One SmartGlass Beta update brings remote shopping and new social features

XboxOne SmartGlass Android

Microsoft seems to have some dream of turning Xbox One into Twitter as the company has released a SmartGlass Beta update that makes your friend’s list and activity feeds a lot more social. You can now “like” game clips and items from the activity feed — not that your friends needed approval of what they’re playing or what they’re doing in those games, but there it is anyway.

It all honestly feels like the Xbox One is drumming up to making a completely social platform where folks can comment on achievements and videos, but that’s another thought for another day. Moving on, Microsoft has also added a fully native in-app store that will allow you to purchase content from your phone or tablet. Should your Xbox be turned on at the time or you have it in standby mode, it’ll automatically begin downloading your content as soon as you hit the buy button.

The rest of the changes are more housecleaning than anything, such as a cleaner way to submit feedback (without having to use email to do so) and what Microsoft calls “general stability and polish improvements.” Nothing too out of the ordinary there.

Want the beta? The link below should get you well on your way, though you should note that features aren’t always guaranteed to work right as this is only meant to test the latest and greatest features. Folks looking for a more stable experience can head right here.

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