Legal threat from Adobe forces Delta devs to Update App’s Icon


If anyone was going to threaten to take the Delta emulator devs to court, we figured it’d be Nintendo – in a surprising development however, Adobe (yes, that Adobe) has seemingly forced the team behind the popular iOS emulation app to change up their branding a bit.

In a post via X/Twitter, Delta announced an update for the app which featured tweaks to the emulator’s interface, as well as fixes to performance. The update also featured a slightly redesigned logo, which now shows the Delta app logo broken in half. According to Delta, Adobe threatened to take legal action if they did not alter their logo. Side by side, the two logos do resemble each other – you can view Delta’s icon before and after, in comparison to the Adobe logo.

Delta does state that it will come with a newer, more updated logo soon. Speaking to the folks over at The Verge, Delta developer Riley Testut states that Adobe’s lawyers reached out to Delta requesting that the team use a different icon instead, suggesting that Delta might want to avoid confusion from users or violate Adobe’s rights and other such legal issues. Apple likewise communicated with Testut regarding the matter. He adds:

We responded to both Apple and Adobe explaining our icon was a stylized Greek letter delta — not an A — but that we would update the Delta logo anyway to avoid confusion… Both the App Store and AltStore versions have been updated with this temporary icon, but the plan is to update them to the final updated logo with Delta 1.6 once it’s finished.

Source: The Verge

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