Pick up a hot date straight on your wrist with Tinder, now available for Android Wear

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We’ve told you guys about the dating friending app Tinder a few times in recent months. After first launching on Android almost a year ago to this date, the app is now finally ready to venture into the brave new world of wearables. In a recent update, it appears Tinder added support for Android Wear devices like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, allowing users to simply launch the app by speaking the “Start Tinder” command.

From there, swiping left will reject a user, while right will give them the green light for further communications. Tapping a photo will pull up a quick bio, while long pressing allows you to quickly exit the app. Overall the app behaved well, except that launch times are fairly slow, made worse by the fact that the app closes out every time the screen dims (LG G Watch).

You guys may remember Tinder’s recent attempt at rebranding their business as a friend discovery tool, something you can be sure to tell your SO should they catch you perusing and rating women based solely upon their looks. If you have an Android Wear device, Tinder on your wrist could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Check it out for free on Google Play.

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  • scoter man1

    *looks at picture in article* *swipes left*

  • Sean Daniel

    What? Your date is your wrist? Ohhh, on your wrist. Wait, what?

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    Okay that’s it! Hurry moto 360


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