Say “Go Go Gadget” to launch Android Wear Apps [VIDEO]

Nowadays when someone says “gadget” we think of phones, tablets, or computers, but back in the day it was the namesake of a dim-witted cyborg detective. Inspector Gadget had all the coolest gadgets at his disposal, and all he had to do to use one was simply say “Go Go Gadget _____.” Everyone wishes they could do this themselves, and now with Android Wear you can!

You may be familiar with an Easter Egg in Google Now that lets users launch apps by saying “Go Go Gadget [app name]. Since Android Wear relies heavily on Google Now for voice commands you can also do this on your smartwatch, which is a million times cooler than doing it on a phone. Simple tap or say “Ok Google” and then say, for example, “Go Go Gadget Compass.” Try it yourself!


Bum Ba Dum Ba Dum Inspector Gadget

“Go Go Gadget” is just one Google Now Easter egg that works on Android Wear. Here are a couple other ones you can impress your friends with:

  • What is the loneliest number?
  • What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
  • What is the Bacon number of [random actor]?

We love the little Easter Eggs that Google hides in their products. Go up to any little kid and launch on an app on your watch with the “Go Go Gadget” command and watch their amazement. What other Easter Eggs have you found in Android Wear?

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  • robjackson81

    inb4 “I could already do this on my phone”… it’s much more Inspector Gadgety on a smartwatch and lots of the Google Now voice commands (especially the Easter Eggs) don’t work on Android Wear.

  • Steve Albright

    Memories… so many memories:

  • godisafairytale

    Joe, little kids will likely have no idea who Inspector Gadget is. No, their eyes won’t open wide. My 35 yr old buddies are more likely to be impressed since it was a part of their childhood.

    • Joe Fedewa

      You could say anything and a kid would be amazed by it.

    • darkflame

      Actually, its been brought back a few times with other voice actors post-Don Adams.
      Don’t think it caught on though. Two (shit) live action films.
      Their was a CG movie too more recently I think.

  • wright585

    I wish the watch a speaker. Not as cool without feedback

  • theonetrueMike

    This works with google now in General…I just did it on my phone lol ok well at least with maps and hangouts..I will keep trying more

    • Luxferro

      It works with calculator too, at least on the L preview.

    • Mark Washington


  • TheKaz1969

    You brought ‘er, you inspector gadget!

    (sorry, just had to do it)

  • steveb944

    The watch can’t do barrel rolls? No sale.

  • BronzeLincolns

    penny and brain are not impressed..