Verizon finally puts the LG G3 up for pre-order, ships July 17th


LG G3 hands on IMG_5374

As usual, Verizon took a while to decide on when to start selling the LG G3. Today they finally put LG’s latest flagship device up for pre-order. The G3 will be available for purchase on July 17th, but right now you can pre-order it online for $99.99 with a new contract. It’s $599 without a contract, or $29.99 per month on EDGE. This is the 32GB version in black or white.

Another classic Verizon move is the carrier logo on the front of the device. Big Red seems to be the only carrier with enough klout to get this treatment. The other carrier variants only have logos on the back. Verizon be Verizon’ing. If you’re interested in the LG G3 be sure to check out our full review, and then hit the link below. Here is a quick rundown of the specs.

  • 5.5-inch 2560×1440 display
  • 2.5GHZ Snapdragon 801 processor
  • 13MP camera
  • 32GB of storage
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 3,000 mAh battery


[via Verizon]

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  1. Pre-ordered mine from tmobile, was looking at other options (especially verizon). Showed up at my office today. What a pleasant surprise.

    1. I hate u.
      I have to wait until the 17th!

      1. haha I thought I had to wait too, came even before it comes out on AT&T… was an awesome surprise

        1. give me some battery life feed backkk

          1. it’s still charging up to 100% I’m going to see what the battery life is from when I leave work until I wake up and fill you in

          2. so first test was using it a lot, just like you’d use any new phone. Kept the screen at 70% which is really bright, like it lights up an entire dark room bright and it made it I’d say 6.5-7 hours. Charging it back up now, and I will keep the brightness on auto and see if that improves the life. Did about an hour of talk time as well, also took my dog for a walk in a tough service wooded area so it did some signal searching for about 20 mins

          3. alright cool, thanks for sharing

        2. please :-)

  2. When will att have the baby in the stores?

    1. at&t has free 2 day express shipping online!I ordered Wednesday afternoon got it Friday at noon!

  3. But wait, the M8 is already out… No true reason to buy this.

    1. What’s the M8?

      1. Exactly

      2. I think it’s short for mate? Maybe he is looking for a mate?

    2. Can’t see why anyone would pick the m8 over this. You get a phone almost the same size but with a much larger screen, higher resolution, larger battery, and more!

    3. I actually received the g3 yesterday and sold my nexus 5 to someone and when we met he also had a m8!knowing that my speaker was nicer than typical smartphone speakers I asked him to please compare them.he said I went into beats music turned my volume all the way up and when he got his going I could barely tell it was on until I turned mine down!his was very slightly more full but noticeably quieter!the funny part is when I called to order the m8 2 days ago they said they had the g3 available so I bought that and now I’m happy I did!louder good quality speaker,bigger crisper screen,literally the same size(shorter/wider/thinner),metal look but with poly carbonate durability,bigger battery,more ram,faster processor,better looking,removable back and battery,expandable memory to 128gb,far better cameras(13mp/4k/laser focus)!although I love stock android wich the HTC is close to but,the features this phone added are phenomenal in the ui!nothing about this phone seems gimmicky!everything has a simple purpose!

  4. Congrats fellow Verizon customers.

    Glad to see VZW chose to offer the 3/32GB version.

  5. is it faster to just walk into the store on the 17th and purchase rather than wait for it to get shipped to me if i preorder it?

    1. Maybe. You might get it the 16,17 the 18th. Hit or miss. I usually just go into the sstore.

    2. Who knows if the phone will be regular price before launch day.

      I walked into a verizon store and preordered. The phone will probably be there on the 18th.

    3. Personally, I’m not a big fan of dealing with UPS, their a hassle, would rather just pick it up at their facility, than have it left at the door step.

  6. Dang, it’s $100 cheaper on a 2yr contract than ATT. Is there normally a price difference between Verizon and other carriers like that? This is the first time I’ve noticed that.

    1. All Verizon smartphones are half off on contract right now, I believe this is why we see the cheaper pricing. It’ll be back at $199.99 soon….

      1. I have no intentions to switch but it would be nice to get it for 99.

    2. It shows $99 but when I go to checkout it changes to $199 WTF!! Happen to anyone else?

      EDIT: Contacted support, they told me to place the order and they are remarking my account to be credited back the $100 difference, they seemed completely confused as to why it was changing midway through ordering.

    3. Verizon likes to control people so they suck you in with a great price then charge you $160 per month for 2 smart phones!lol!they didn’t offer our allow the nexus 5 on there network because they had no control over them!the first symbol of this control is the tattoo on there devices!

  7. That’s one giant phone. Since it’s almost as big as the Note 3, should we be calling it a phablet?

    Also, worth noting that it has a microSD card (++).

    1. Who cares what it is called. I just call it the G3.

    2. It slightly wider an slightly shorter and slightly thinner than the HTC one m8!so no it’s not a phablet!

  8. When will this phone come to the stores of att?

  9. Dang I already got the m8. Maybe I should of waited

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