Motorola releases more Moto 360 Hotness [VIDEO]

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One could make a serious argument that the Moto 360 is the most highly anticipated Android device in the last couple of years. Every time a new photo or video of the device is revealed there is a rush to get a glimpse of it. We’ve seen the Moto 360 in almost every angle imaginable, and even got our own hands-on with it, but still we thirst for more. Thankfully Motorola is happy to oblige.

To keep the hype going they have released another video about the Moto 360. The video doesn’t show us anything new, but we get a few glimpses of the watch, watch bands, and leather. Lior Ron, the product lead, talks yet again about what inspired Motorola to create a round smartwatch. Spoiler alert: they were inspired by watches to make a watch. He also talks about how the round shape is more comfortable, which could end up being a big selling point. If you’re still reading this you can feast your eyes on the video below.

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  1. I have the LG G Watch and so far love it but the Moto 360 is just sexy as hell!!!!

    1. If you get the white gold LG and replace the band with a spendy 22mm stainless steel mesh bracelet (Vollmer makes a great one) suddenly you’ve got everyone asking about your expensive looking smartwatch.

      1. Have you done that? I would love to see a pic.

          1. That looks gorgeous. Would love to see it without the filter, though.

          2. Very nice indeed. One of the better looking set up’s I’ve seen. Bravo. How much did that run you?

          3. The band is about 20 years old. It’s an ancient vollmer that they don’t even make in that style anymore. I believe it was 225. But technology has improved and you can get tighter mesh that’s higher quality for about 50 now. I linked a band on my blog post on Amazon.

          4. Thanks a lot. I checked the blog though, and didn’t find the link.

          5. search for
            Hadley-Roma Men’s MB3838RASE 22 22-mm Black Heavy Mesh Stainless Steel Watch Strap

  2. Take my money god damn it!!!

  3. This isn’t only smartwatch id consider buying. Actually I’ve been thinking about buying a new watch anyway on $400ish budget. Probably going Victorinox instead. Just can’t see the point in a smartwatch until I try the 360 when it ships.

    Think Moto X+1 and 360 will be announced on the same day?

    1. What are the specs on the Victorinox smartwatch? I’ve never heard of that OEM before.

      1. Can’t tell if joking… Or actually thinks victorinox is an oem…

        Somebody make that into the Futurama meme… Im not a meme guy.

        1. Technically, Victronix IS an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). They make knifes.
          Or do you just now know what OEM means?

          1. Well yes, but on an Android site “OEM” really means “guys who make phones or tablets or something with Android on them”, and GWMPOTOSWAON is way too long.

  4. Am I the only one who’se anticipation for this thing is beginning to dip because of all the waiting and teasing? I’m honestly starting to get a little pissed off. Nothing irritates me more than when a company announces something and it’s in no way ready to be released.

    1. likewise. Its also looking a lot fatter in person!

    2. Yeah, I feel the exact same way, its getting a little ridiculous.

    3. Hope this doesn’t turn out like the OnePlus One. I’m beginning to think that thing is just vapor ware.

    4. One Plus One.

  5. I think they’re going to kill the buzz for the watch by announcing some crazy price for it. Probably like $499. They’ve just been too secretive on the details. Then, it’ll be the Samsung for me.

    1. I would pay 499 instantly. I’m not alone.

      1. You may not be alone, but I’d bet that you’re in the minority. I could POSSIBLY see myself paying that much, POSSIBLY, but I’m an early adopter. I’ll bet most people won’t want to pay anywhere near $500.00 for this.

      2. I can’t believe I am going to say this but I think my limit is $500 as well.

        1. My limit for a guaranteed day one purchase is $199. Anything up to $349 and I’ll wait for a few impressions. Anything over that and I’m definitely not going to be an early adopter.

    2. I’m in to buy it as long as it is under $1,000

      1. But seriously, how many average consumers would pay anywhere near $1000 for this? I don’t think many would pay half that.

      2. LOL. Then I think you’re most likely getting one.

    3. I feel like they need to keep it under $300 to have a chance at sales success.

    4. If it’s that high, I’m going to wait until next year for the the 360+1 (or whatever they call it) while watching the competition. I totally think it’s worth that price but if I’m going to pay THAT MUCH I’m going to let all the kinks get worked out first as I doubt it, or Android Wear by extension, will be perfect.

    5. Am I the only one who finds it funny that most people made fun of the galaxy gear for its 1 day battery, thickness, and price…

  6. But it’s just a watch that needs to be recharged every 2 or 3 days… lol

    1. You can always buy a huge external battery pack and tape it to your wrist if you really want longer battery life.

  7. For some reason, I am really interested in this. I’m not one to jump on bandwagons often, but there is just something about this watch.

  8. I hope it’s available in stores at launch so I can see it and try it on first.

  9. So on Phandroid now, I get multiple popups of the stupid ad overlay and I had to refresh the page before it would let me close… Firefox 30 Linux

    1. same in chrome on mac

    2. same here windows 7, chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 m

    3. are there really people still not using AD BLOCKER?

  10. It’s way too thick. It’s like 1.5 times the width of his finger.

    1. that’s what she said?

  11. Is everyone really gonna be wearing Iwatches and Moto 360’s within the next few years?. Are people really going to lineup in front of Apple stores and Best Buy for watches?I I don’t see it but never underestimate the power of marketing and brand loyalty. I think I’ll pass on these game changing market disrupting must have gadgets.

  12. It’s July and we still don’t have a release date. I’m starting to lose interest.

  13. If they offer a great deal buying the 360 and X+1 as a bundle I will be first in line.


  15. This tells me, much like thier phones you will be able to BUILD YOUR OWN watch, and pick different leather bands.

  16. I really like it’s looks, but still don’t see the point.

  17. It looks awesome from the top. I think it might be way too thick though. I will have to see it and feel it on my wrist. It’s dirt cheap compared to a tag heuer F1. Lie tag F1, it might just be too thick and heavy. I’m anxiously waiting.

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