CyanogenMod announces plans for CM11 stable; faster updates in the future


As time passes, CM fans around the community are often found pondering when a stable build of CyanogenMod will finally land for their favorite Android device. With the official announcement of CyanogenMod 11 M6, CM also announced major changes coming to their community distribution channel in the future (that’s ROMs to you and me). We won’t be seeing release candidate builds for devices in the future,  nor will we even see a build tagged as stable. The M-series builds have served as a “stable” release channel for some time now and are aimed at replacing it altogether.

According to CyanogenMod, labeling a build as stable was a bit of a misnomer as it doesn’t mean completely bug free and it doesn’t mean that new features won’t arise in the future – just like firmware released from the big boys Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc.

Like the ‘stables’ before it, ‘M’ releases are built off the ‘stable/CM-##.#’ branches – the only difference is now frequency and label. We could have chosen to remove ‘M’ releases and stick with the ‘stable’ tag instead for these monthlies, but the word ‘stable’ itself is a misnomer – it doesn’t mean bug free and it certainly never meant feature complete; but with the name ‘stable’ it gave the false impression that it did mean those things – especially to those risk-adverse that would only hop from ‘stable’ to ‘stable’.

cyanogenmod logo 4Currently, M-series releases tend to come about once a month. If waiting about four weeks is too long for you between milestone builds, CM has plans to get a more “stable” build out the door more frequently for users. Once CyanogenMod has all of the kinks worked out of their new plan, we should see quality releases come every two weeks. This type of release schedule allows bugs to be submitted, tracked, and fixed in an timely manner.

This type of rapid release schedule sounds like CyanogenMod is gearing up support for the upcoming OnePlus One with CyanogenMod 11S and they’re doing everything in their power to ensure a positive future of the CyanogenMod community ROM. This shouldn’t be surprising seeing as Cyanogen Inc. is an actual company with funding now. Cyanogen Inc. has the means to hire talented staff members to fill needs and close any gaps that might exist, taking away pain points for both users and their company.

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  • a)

    Paranoid Android is better and a little more innovative

    • Derek Ross

      PA is a nice ROM – innovative sure, but better, that’s highly subjective.

      • yankeesusa

        So true. There’s many custom roms out there that are stable and offer all kinds of features. I love android for that.

    • yankeesusa

      Its all about what works for you. When reading forums many say one or the other. What I tend to see is people who use custom roms like me tend to try different roms and not stick to one rom for too long. Now that cm will be in a flagship phone things will get more stable. I myself have stopped flashing roms and have stuck with a rooted stock rom with custom kernel and xposed. And so far I’m loving it. Stability and yet I get a lot of the stuff I used to get with custom roms

  • master94

    Very cool. Faster stable roms is always nice to hear

  • guitarist5122