CyanogenMod 11 M6 snapshot builds now available [Updated]


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If there’s one feature that makes Android stand out ahead when compared to other mobile platforms, it’s customization. Those of you into rootin’ and ROMin’ your Android devices are most likely familiar with Cid and his pals over at CyanogenMod. You’ll be happy to know that CyanogenMod 11 M6 is now rolling out to select devices.


Based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, M6 is a snapshot build or a milestone release that occurs every month or so throughout the CyanogenMod world. The M series snapshot builds are much more stable than nightly builds, but aren’t yet stable enough yet to get the full stable build tag. If you aren’t too keen on bleeding edge nightly builds, these snapshot builds should be stable enough for daily use. That said, many CyanogenMod nightly builds are good enough for daily use at this point in the game as well.

To get CyanogenMod 11 M6 on your Android device, you’ll want to head on over to the official download page to see if your phone or tablet has an M6 snapshot build available. From there you have a few choices when it comes to actually getting CyanogenMod up and running. You can go about it old school, downloading and flashing the ROM manually. You can use the new CM Installer and have nearly the entire process automated for you. And lastly, if you’re already running a CyanogenMod ROM, you can visit Settings, About phone, and tap CyanogenMod updates to download the update over the air and update directly on your device.

Happy Flashing!

Update: CyanogenMod has posted the official M6 changelog:

Quiet Hours – Fix longpress QS tile option
Voice+ – Integrate into settings (under Wireless and Networks > ‘More’)
Blacklist – Add provider permissions
Lockscreen – Fix custom wallpaper crashes and album art issues
Display – Consolidate screen-off animation options (remove checkbox)
Bluetooth – Upstream updates and fix issues with audio routing to select car makes/models and disconnect issues
MultiSim – Additional support patches (15+) and UI/UX modifications
Lockscreen – Disable elements when in custom lockscreen
Quick Settings – Options to show smaller tiles; add BT device name to tile
Quick Settings – Fix QS tiles layout in landscape mode
Usage Stats – Fix screen on stats after boot
Resolve memory leaks in Frameworks
Settings – Show ‘eject card’ action for USB storage
Theme Engine – Introduce new Engine capabilities (chooser to arrive in nightlies this week)
Parallel Shutdown – Decrease shutdown time
Address security vulnerability for icons
Downloads – Add pause/resume support
Trebuchet – Hidden apps and labels support
Remove parallel boot dexopt from stable/cm-11.0 branch
And more (all changes from Mar 29th to April 30th)

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  1. I’ve lost my taste for CM. Back to stock in anticipation for 4.4.3 (battery drain victim) or sell my N5 for the moto x+1 possibly.. Once I know what it is..

    ::Coughs:: AOKP is better ::coughs::

    1. It’s all about preference.

      1. Agreed. Everyone has a preference. Thankfully, Android give us choices.

      2. I 100% agree. I didn’t add “imo” felt like it made the fake cough too long

  2. I’ve lost my taste for CM. Went back to stock for 4.4.3 whenever that may be (battery drain victim) or might sell for a moto x+.. Once I know what it is..

    ::coughs:: AOKP is better ::coughs::

    1. Phandroid app keeps crashing. Can’t post anything without it crashing, but posts still go through. I didn’t know. lol Thought I deleted this but now it just says guest and I cant delete. GG

      1. cc @stevealbright:disqus

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