Mobile Roar Podcast 43: Conspiracies & Bike Trips

Appendixes? Who needs ’em! Chris is out this week getting a part of his body removed, but Joe and Kevin hold down the fort. They discuss the OnePlus + Oppo conspiracy, using the Galaxy S5 on a bike trip, the best phones and apps for this month, and more. They round things out with Wins and Fails of the Week, plus some App Picks. Thanks for listening!

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Best phones for May
Best Android messaging apps

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  • Kevin: Galaxy S5 water resistance and battery life / Snapchat botched update rollout?
  • Joe: Fake case from Hong Kong / LeBron app from Samsung

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  • Kevin Krause

    finally got my snapchat update, fyi

  • Jared Meadows

    hey @Joe_Fedewa:disqus , you should consider the Diztronic TPU case for your N5! I’ve loved TPU cases ever since I heard about them from @Gamercore:disqus. They’re awesome, thin, and you don’t even need a screen protector (if you’re careful like me), because it puts a little 1mm lip on the face which prevents it from scraping on the table when you lay it face down. Also, they’re cheap :) If you get sick of how bulky that case is, you should consider picking up one of these :-)

    • Joe Fedewa

      Thanks! I don’t think this is bulky, but I’ll check that out when I’m in the mood for something new. :)