Another photo of LG G3’s backside leaks

lg g3 back

We’re normally all for seeing the front side of a device in leaked photos, but LG’s unique rear placement of power and volume buttons has spurred a lot of rear-side leaks lately. The latest comes from @evleaks, who notes that “it is so on.”

We’re not exactly sure what he means by that, but if he’s referring to the LG G3’s eventual launch then his timing is quite perfect — LG just confirmed that very fact earlier this morning. The device should be launching in Q2, which could mean any time between now and the end of June.

We’re expecting a 5.5-inch device with 2560 x 1440 resolution and LG’s Odin processor. Of course, the whole Samsung Galaxy S5 fiasco taught us not to put too much stock into these pre-launch rumors, so you might want to reserve your excitement for official details straight from LG. Hopefully they’ll be delivering said details at some point in the near future.

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  • O’s Fan91

    You naughty, naughty G3 you!

  • Red Beard

    I really have no interest in seeing photos of backside leaks.

  • RaiDei

    Why do all the G3 leaks looks like they come from a grainy VHS porno?

    • RussianDroid

      – “I’m here to connect the cable mam.” Takes out G3 and puts in on the table while promptly proceed to take off the clothes. Camera zooms in on G3…bow chicka wow wow….And that’s how that snapshot came to be.

      • RaiDei

        “You can imagine where it goes from here”
        “He fixes the cable?”

  • a)

    This is a zoomed and cropped version of the original

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      No it’s not. The other one was less quality. This shows higher detail.

  • lycan codex

    The phone with a nipple. Nice !!

  • JasonWhite

    Those buttons are all up ons that camera lens. Seems like it’d be fairly easy to get fingerprints on it whenever you go to hit “volume up”.

    My G2 lens has that metallic looking circle surrounding the lens that acts like a buffer.

    • Foramex

      Not if you hold your phone correctly
      The Official Correct Way to Hold the G2:
      Thumbs on front, one finger on the back buttons.
      It will feel natural after a day or two.

  • J Cav the Great

    Got it!! now I see that the Up and Down buttons are regressed. So there should be no problem touch the lens…or at least minimal problems….

  • Foramex

    I didn’t have any problems with the back buttons… Now they make it attractive- I’m all for it!

  • Guillaume

    Yummy. My next phone.

  • LiterofCola

    Ugliest crap ever

    • ClayRogers

      Way to much stock is put into the appearance of the back of a phone. The vast majority are slapping a plastic case over it anyway, and from the front a phone is basically just screen. Personally I could give two craps what the back of my phone looks like. That said, Unless the G3 has the same or bigger screen than my Note 3, I’m not interested (it doesn’t by the way).

    • Durin123


  • Jarvis

    Hopefully the battery is even bigger:)….definetly my next phone…coming from an HTC m7…