Snapchat update adds text chat and video calling

Snapchat is getting a lot more chatty today with an upgrade that stands to make it a more viable all-around messaging platform. The newest feature — simply named Chat — allows you and a buddy to have a conversation using nothing but text.

How’s it different from SMS, or something like Hangouts, Facebook Messenger or GroupMe? After both sides have viewed any message, that message will get whisked away just as photos do. They’ve even made it so that participants can strike up a video call if both are present in the chat at the same time (an exchange which obviously won’t be recorded).

Snapchat may not have proven themselves as the most secure platform out there, but if you aren’t exchanging too many unpleasantries that you absolutely wouldn’t want anyone else to see it’s a very interesting platform for friends to chat in a different way. Head to Google Play for the upgrade.

[via Snapchat]

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  • steveb944

    Seems pretty decent. I’ll have to try it out before I give final judgment but I’m glad they’re staying competitive.

  • Christopher Robert


    • Durin123

      Android, peni$, Kitkat.

      • Foramex

        Application PacKage file but perhaps I’m not updated

  • Foramex

    Snapchat is a little late…
    Should’ve done it when hype was in the sky, some people left Snap by now.

    • Durin123

      I wasn’t into Snapchat before people weren’t into it.

    • Sean Royce

      It wasn’t meant to be a video chat service. It was supposed to be an easier way of sending an MMS without risking the chance of someone saving something rude. They’re improving on an already good product.

  • SpaceGhost09

    Everything in this update looks alot more cleaner, idk about yalls work place but everybody and there mom has snapchat where I work at, and I’m in the u.s. navy lol, i have even snapchatted my LPO telling him im running late. Good times on snapchat.

  • dhinged

    Is it a 10-second video chat? kind of doesn’t make sense if it’s just another Skype or FaceTime.